Month: December 2014

Antiques Valuation Day – January 2015

Bear with Carriage ClockFrom 10.00am – 3.00 pm, Thursday 8th January, at The Bear, Hodnet.
Midlands Air AmbulanceFree valuations of collectables, jewellery, ceramics and other antiques.
Hansons and The Bear both support the Midlands Air Ambulance Service and donations can be made on the day.
Items can be accepted into forthcoming Hansons Auctions.
For more information please telephone 01630-685214 or email

Missing Dog – 29 Dec. 2014

Roxy is a Tibetan Terrier has been missing since 28/12/2014.
She went missing at Wollerton, was potentially seen heading towards Hodnet in the morning, but has not been seen since.
Roxy belongs to Jane Morris. If anyone sees Roxy please let Jane know by phoning:07745-408063 / 01630-652337.

Update: Roxy was found on 30 January somewhere near the A442.
Jane writes: “Thank you so much for posting on your website and putting up notices. We are delighted to let you know after 3 days we have been re-united. See here on Facebook. Everyone has been amazing, a great community please pass in our thanks.”

Winter roads reminder

Three Car Accident 13 Feb 2014Whilst frosty mornings have been been few so far this winter local residents should remember that not all local roads are gritted in icy weather. Last year, after an accident on the Hodnet to Lostford road, we posted a reminder that the old A53 is one of the routes which does not get treated by the local authority.
This morning (22 Dec. 2014) Shropshire Council have publish a Blog Post outlining their plans to keep Shropshire’s roads moving this winter. It explains that they have what’s known as the ‘defined network’ which covers around 28% of the total road network in Shropshire. This includes includes:

  • all A and B roads;
  • localised high-risk sites and important access routes;
  • major town centre shopping areas;
  • heavily used footways and cycle routes.

The article also links to a page containing map of which routes are included in the defined network. Anyone who wants to be alerted when gritting is taking place can follow the council on Twitter via @ShropCouncil. For those wanting information for the wider area the Council teamed up with councils across the West Midlands to provide a regional picture of who’s gritting and when. Below is the livefeed from Twitter – you can get these direct from Twitter by following the hashtag: #wmgrit. Closer to home similar information from Telford & Wrekin Council can be found on this page.

Drayton Road Planning Application – Update

Drayton Road Proposed Site Plan
In August we reported here on an outline planning application for fourteen dwellings on land off Drayton Road.
Whilst the Shropshire Planning Department website does not clarify which stage the application has reached, two revised documents have been added to the list of relevant documents. The full list and all the documents can be accessed via this page.
Footpath extensionThe first of these is a revised Site Plan though the details of the changes are not easy to spot. The revision in the other document is however much easier to recognise. The document shows the route of the proposed new footpath in the direction of Wollerton. Following a submission from Richard Underwood, Chair of the Hodnet Footpath Group, the owners have extended the proposed footpath past the existing one to the end of the owners’ property (see image to the right – proposed extension is from the purple dashed line to the arrowhead).
N.B. If the links in the above paragraph do not work, please use the one to the list of documents and download directly from that page.

Holiday Bin Collections Dec. 2014

WheelieBinShropshire Council has today reminded local residents how to check when their bins will be emptied over the coming holiday weeks.
To access the collection date finder click on the wheelie bin to the left.

Fly-tipping Alert!

Fly-tipping in Sussex
The Guardian DataBlog: Fly-tipping in Sussex. Photograph: John Curtis / Rex Features
It seems that there is a spate of fly-tipping in the area, with Wollerton being particularly badly affected. A large amount of rubbish was recently dumped in a field gateway on Mill Road between the Old Hall and the A53 bypass. Another local resident has told the webteam that there is an increasing amount of rubbish being dumped nearby, close to the Tennis Club.
A recent BBC 1 series called “Don’t Mess With Me” highlighted the persistent problem of discarded rubbish from fast food wrappings through to dog-fouling. Episode 3 highlighted the blight of fly-tipping. (It is available on iPlayer until 24 Dec.) Amongst other things it pointed out that whilst local councils clear fly-tipped rubbish from public places, land owners have to clear it at their own expense!
Shropshire Council asks all residents to report any incident of fly tipping either by phone on 0345-678-9006 or via the form linked from this page on their website. The information they ask for includes the following:

  • Where the incident took place. Please give as much information as possible to enable us to find the location;
  • Date, day and time that the fly-tipping took place (or when you first noticed it);
  • A description of what was tipped and the quantity, for instance household items, gas canisters or broken glass;
  • If you witnessed the rubbish being dumped what happened? Make a note of how many people were involved, what did they looked like, what did they do, was a vehicle involved? If so, note any means of identifying the vehicle/s;
  • Did anyone else witness the fly-tipping? If so who? (Witnesses may be asked to appear in court.)

If you have a camera-phone with you when you come across someone fly-tipping, you may want to try to take a discreet photograph or video.
Shropshire Council also list the following reasons why fly-tipping is a problem:

  • As council tax payers, cleaning up fly-tipping costs us all money;
  • It is dangerous and potentially harmful to you and your family’s health;
  • It spoils our enjoyment of the environment;
  • It can cause serious pollution to the environment;
  • It attracts arson and further fly-tipping;
  • It can be dangerous for wildlife.

Finally, it is better for several people to report instances of this anti-social behaviour than for all of us to think someone else will do it…

This is a story about four people: Everybody, Somebody, Anybody, and Nobody.
There was an important job to be done and Everybody was asked to do it.
Everybody was sure Somebody would do it.
Anybody could have done it, but Nobody did.
When Nobody did it, Everybody got angry because it was Anybody’s job.
Everybody thought Somebody would do it, but Nobody realised that Anybody wouldn’t do it.
So it ended up that Everybody blamed Somebody because Nobody had done what Anybody could have done.

IT firm sets up base in Marchamley

TechMediaJHJulian Harrison and his partner Yvonne Cook recently moved into Marchamley from the nearby village of Audlem. Initially drawn to the Hodnet area by its position between Audlem and Telford they have also found the local history captivating.
Working in the computer business for over 20 years, Julian 45 born in Stoke on Trent, came from a background in the motor racing world and has more recently spent 15 years in public sector computer systems support before moving to Audlem 5 years ago. The move to Marchamley also provides a more central location for travel to Shrewsbury, Whitchurch and Telford where Yvonne’s financial services business is now located.
TechMedia ProfileJulian’s computer business TechMedia provides business and domestic computer support & sales. Julian provides a wide range of support from from helping someone send an email or repairing a broken laptop right through to supplying and installing a business network system. He specialises in keeping technical jargon to the absolute minimum making their service accessible to all in plain English without all the confusing lingo. Being a mobile business means most work is conducted at customers home or business premises so no need to unplug everything and take it for repair.
Julian can be contacted on 07759-520738 or by email.