Advertiser Reports Website Launch

Market Drayton Advertiser 9th July 2010

The launch of Hodnet’s website was featured in the Market Drayton Advertiser on Friday 9th July.
The article included interviews with two members of the team and photograph of most of them.

Website launch putting Hodnet on World map

The village of Hodnet is now at people’s fingertips with the launch of its own website.
Members of a working group set up after the publication of a Parish Plan last year have spent the past five months setting up the website which was launched on July 1.
Market Drayton Advertiser 9th July 2010
It can be found at and features information on events, local history, tourism and organisations in Hodnet, along with neighbouring villages such as Wollerton, Peplow and Marchamley.
Randall Hardy, a member of the working group, said: “The web site has been put together by a team of volunteers from the Hodnet area and is one of the outcomes of the Parish Plan published last year.
“It has been set up as a community resource which we hope will be helpful to local people and also attractive to those visiting north Shropshire.
“A group will continue to maintain it but it’s been set up so that other groups in the parish can put news items on the web site concerning the area.
“This means it really can be a community project and our hope is that local organisations will get involved in contributing.”
The working group made up of parish councillors and residents first met in January after the Parish Plan identified a number of issues raised by Hodnet residents. Parish councillor Richard Underwood said: “One of the clear results of the Parish Plan was the stated desire of many residents to have easier access to information about what was going on in and around the parish.
“In a similar vein, many residents said they would like to get more involved in community activities and as the Parish Plan’s sponsor, the council was very pleased with the number of people who attended our volunteer evening earlier this year.
“We are grateful to those with the technical know-how and enthusiasm who have helped in setting up the website.
“What we would like now is for our many clubs, groups and businesses to provide us with suitable information for the various pages.”

The caption under the photograph reads: Members of the working group responsible for Hodnet’s new parish website hold a picture of its front page. Picture are, from left, Randall Hardy, Geoff Potter, Richard Underwood, Sharon Donald, Alan Cope and Hodnet Parish Council chairman Michael Morgan.