Wanted: New Parish Councillor

Long-serving councillor steps down

At the recent meeting of the Parish Council, Mr. Phil Perry, who has been a councillor for more than 10 years, confirmed that he was resigning on health grounds. During his time as a Parish Councillor, Mr. Perry has fulfilled key roles in several projects including the new changing rooms at Hodnet’s sports ground and new play equipment along with a BMX track.
Mr Perry was also Chairman of the Hodnet Sports Association until I retiring 12 months ago.
Speaking to the Market Drayton Advertiser, Mr Perry said “I’ve been on the council for a long time, but I’m getting old and I feel now that I can’t give enough attention to the council to be on it.
“I’ve wanted to go to the last few meetings but I’ve not been well enough to attend, so I thought it was about time to step down.
“I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time as a councillor and was proud when we raised the money to build the changing rooms at the sports ground in 2005.
“But when you can’t go to the meetings for one reason or another and don’t have the energy to contribute to the council any more, you’re better off stepping down and letting someone else take your place.”
Paying tribute to Mr Perry, Parish Council Chairman Councillor Michael Morgan, said “Phil was always jovial and we shall certainly miss his humour at our meetings.
“But he also stuck to his beliefs and Phil had a big part to play in raising the funds for the building of the changing rooms at the sports ground which was his biggest achievement on the Parish Council.
“Phil kept us focused on that and it’s made a big difference at the sports ground and in the village.”

Replacement sought

The Parish Council is now looking for someone who would be interested in filling the vacancy left by Mr Perry.  For more information please contact the Parish Clerk, Stephen Howell-Jones via this contact form or by phoning him on 01630-685398. Applicants must fulfill one of four conditions which are explained in the box below.
More information on the work of the Parish Council can be found in that section of this website.

All applications must be submitted to the Parish Clerk by Friday 3rd September 2010.

To qualify as a nominee an applicant needs to meet one of the following criteria:
  • You must be registered as a local government elector for the parish


  • You have owned or occupied premises within the parish for the previous year


  • Your principal or only place of work has been within the parish


  • During the previous 12 months have resided in the parish or close to it.