Clerk to Parish Council Hands Over

At last weeks Parish Council meeting, Steve Howell-Jones handed over the position of Clerk to his successor, Maryjane Rees.
Chairman of the Council, Mr Michael Morgan, whilst presenting Steve with a small token of the Councils’ appreciation; said that he doubted there was enough time available to list Steve’s many contributions to the Council’s work during the last 10 years he has held the post, but that Steve’s dedication to the task was widely recognised and keenly appreciated. In turn he wished Maryjayne ‘every success’ in her new role.

Steve receiving his boxed set of Haydn Symphonies and the Bohm Mozart Symphonies
Steve expressed delight at his gift alongside surprise at its appropriateness – suspecting his wife Barbara, who had come along to witness what he had been getting up to all these years, of passing ‘insider information’ to the Chairman.
The new Clerk, Maryjayne Rees, can be contacted on 01630 685745 or email P.S. The author hopes the quality of Steve’s CD’s is better than that of the photo – for which my apologies!