Hodnet to Marchamley Path – Questionnaire Results

The results of the recently issued questionnaire, seeking residents views on a proposed Hodnet to Marchamley permissive path, were unveiled at the last Parish Council meeting.
With around 24% of issued questionnaires returned and an overall 91% vote in favour, the Council’s view was that sufficient support has been shown to warrant the project moving to the next stage; that is the drawing up of detailed proposals/designs, draft legal agreements and costings – all for further consideration. The Council expressed their thanks to the Hodnet Footpath Group and agreed to give its support to them in taking this matter forward.
Your support for this project could make all the difference, so:
a/ if your household has not yet returned its form, it can still be sent to The Clerk
b/ anyone with an interest in seeing this project succeed should offer practical support by joining the Footpath Group  – a small friendly group of individuals with an interest in local paths and walking. Membership is free; all that is asked is that you take part in group activities, whether that be meetings, walks or work parties – and at a level that suits your interests/abilities.
The questionnaire results can be viewed in full here:
Hodnet to Marchamley Permissive Path Questionnaire Results Dec 2011