Scouting For Treasure

Vehicle Treasure Hunt

The 2nd Hodnet Scout Group are hosting a treasure hunt on Sunday 25th March.
Start at Lyon Hall, Hodnet, follow the clues and answer the question to earn points and win prizers.
£5 per car
Refreshments at the scout hut on your return (please prebook to give an idea of numbers).
For safety reasons starting times will be staggered. The first car will leave at 10 .30 a.m from the Lyon Hall. To  prevent unnecessary waiting, time slots will be allocated.
To book a time slot please email Please support your local Scout Group
2nd Hodnet Scout Group
Vehicle Treasure Hunt Rules for 25th March 2012. (Updated 20th March)

1 Instructions
2 Registration
3 General
4 Etiquette
5 Maximum Time Allowed
6 Safety and Rules whilst driving
7 Scoring
8 Item Collection
1 Instructions
a Follow the designated route and obtain answers to the questions.
b The winning team of the event will be the team that obtains the most points.
c All answers must be captured on the question and answer sheets, within the spaces provided.
d Teams will start at a designated time provided at registration (see 2 Registration)
e Teams must be ready to leave at their designated time, otherwise may have to wait until a further time slot becomes available.
f Once you return, hand your question and answer sheet in to the organiser with your final mileage completed.
2 Registration
a All teams must be registered prior to competing
b Teams can pre register by emailing : where they will be provided with a start time.
c Ensure that your team name is written on each sheet.
d Each team must have a team name, this must be unique.
e The driver from each team will be the designated person to hand in the completed answer sheet.
f The driver from each team will be required to provide the team name to the organiser (unless pre registering)
3 General
a The main objective of the treasure hunt is to have fun, it has been organised as a fun and social event
b 2nd Hodnet Scout Group will be under no liability whatsoever for any losses suffered as a direct or indirect action of taking part within this treasure hunt.
c Taking part in the hunt is deemed to be an acceptance of the current rules.
d These rules are subject to change
e A current set of rules will be supplied with your question and answer sheets on the day, these will be deemed to be the current rules.
f The hunt will start at the Lyon Hall in Hodnet.
g The hunt finish is deemed to be the scout hut (but please use the Lyon Hall Car park to park)
h You will be provided with a set of questions, the current rules, a route overview map and the organisers contact number.
4 Etiquette
a This is a fun event
b Please respect the privacy of residents on the route.
c Please be aware of other drivers whilst on the route.
5 Maximum Time Allowed
a This treasure hunt is not a race.
b This treasure hunt is not a rally.
c There are no prizes to be won by accomplishing the route at speed.
d There is a maximum time allowed of 2 hours 45 minutes. – You must return within this period.
e For every 1 minute over the maximum time allowed, a 1 point deduction will be made. 15 minutes or more will result in disqualification.
f Your return time will be taken as the time you hand your question sheets back to the organiser (with a completed final mileage).
g The maximum time allowed should allow ample time to complete and gain all answers. – There is no need to exceed any speed limit in order to complete this treasure hunt.
6 Safety and Rules whilst driving
a The driver of the vehicle should not be taking part whilst on the move. There are sections on the route which require you to park the car and explore. The driver can then join in.
b Please try and indicate your intentions prior to stopping to signal to other road users.
c Please remember to leave room for other road users.
7 Scoring
a The judges decision is final
b The judges decision is final
c Certain questions carry multiple points, and there will also be bonus points available.
d In the result of a points tie, mileage will be taken into account to decide the winning team.
8 Item Collection
a Any items to be collected, are to provide bonus points.
b Any items collected will be returned to the team.
c No money should change hands for any of the items to be collected.
d Any unwanted items deemed of value, will be classed as a donation to the 2nd Hodnet Scout Group.
e The items listed that are to be collected are to be exclusive (i.e. one item collected can not count towards two items on the list)