Jubilee Mugs

The Parish Council will be giving every child 11 years of age and under who are resident within the parish of Hodnet, a commemorative mug to mark the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. Those children attending Hodnet School who live outside the Parish will receive a mug funded by the P.T.A or Playgroup. The mugs will also be on sale at the Party in The Park to be held on Hodnet Recration Ground on Sunday 3rd June.
Parents/guardians of children aged 11 and under who live in the parish, but do not attend Hodnet School (e.g. under 5 years old, attend a different school or who are home educated) need to apply for a mug by contacting the Parish Clerk. Please note children who attend the Pre-School Playgroup at Hodnet School will receive their mugs there.

Please apply by post or email with details of:
  • Child’s/Children’s Name
  • Year of birth
  • Your Address
  • Contact Telephone number

Mrs M Rees – Parish Clerk
35 Peplow
Market Drayton

Email the Clerk

Closing date for applications 31 May 2012

Mugs to be collected at the Jubilee event 3rd June – Hodnet Recreation Ground

A current programme for the Party in the Park can be found here.