Shropshire RCC Fuel Buying Scheme

Shropshire Rural Community Council (RCC) has launched a new scheme that will enable its members to take advantage of collective bulk buying power. Larger orders obviously secure better prices which are passed down to members of the scheme. A further gain can be had in the delivery costs in that every time a tanker comes out to a delivery it uses a lot of fuel – a full tanker can get as little as 8 miles per gallon, by grouping deliveries together ,so that one tanker delivers to several customers, the supplier saves money and that saving  with negotiation can be passed on to the customer.
The RCC needs local volunteers to act as a go between. Their role would be to tell the RCC each month how much oil people in their village want and also letting people know when the oil will arrive and at what cost. In return they will benefit from free membership to the scheme (normal domestic membership £20)
The RCC will negotiate the lowest price on our behalf.
To find out more about the scheme please contact Lizzy Thain on 01743 342167 or email or vist Shropshire RCC’s website.