Consultation: New visitor strategy for North Shropshire

A consulation has been announced to develop a new strategy to attract vistors to North Shropshire. An item on Sghropshire Newsroom was posted earlier today (3 Oct) giving details of the consultation. Aimed at residents as well as tourism organisations and businesses, the consultation will be taking place throughout October. Full details are available here.
The five-year plan outlines a vision for the growth and development of tourism in the North Shropshire and Oswestry region and sets out ten strategic aims, which are to:

  • Increase number of visitors and spending.
  • Raise awareness (within and outside the area) of north Shropshire as a quality, accessible rural destination
  • Develop a two-way flow of visits between market towns and the countryside
  • Capitalise on the best-known attractions to encourage visits to lesser known attractions
  • Improve sharing and communication of visitor research and insight amongst businesses and organisations
  • Increase knowledge of the area’s attractions within the industry: sell-on
  • Support local enterprise, business networks – to increase yield and capacity, sustainability and quality
  • Articulate better the heritage and landscape – interpretation, events and new ‘product’
  • Create better links and packages between commercial operators – make it easy
  • Encourage visitors to leave the car behind – where that works.

Once the strategy is finalised, the next the stage will be to start working to the action plan which details activities, timeframes and delivery responsibilities. The draft strategy can be downloaded as a PDF file from this link, with hard copies available on request
Feedback on the strategy can be given by completing the online survey here. The Consultation closes on Wednesday 31 October 2012.