Footpath Improvements

Last Sunday, Hodnet Footpath Group added some steps and a dog gate to the rather basic existing ‘stile’ in a field by The Hearne – part of the popular walking route shown in our Hodnet Walks leaflet No 2.
We also repaired some finger post signs on Long Lane and added direction signs further on towards the route towards Fauls – the intended subject of a future walk leaflet.

'Stile' before improvement
‘Stile’ before improvement
If we had the time/manpower we would also have added a dog gate to the first stile into the field from Hearne Lane – but that will have to wait for another occasion. If you’d like to see this, or other local improvements, done sooner, then please see our webpage and get in touch.
Such work is not only of lasting benefit, but can also be good fun. We had brilliant sunshine coupled with a fair few laughs as we tried to solve the design problems of letting dogs through, but keeping livestock in!
After improvement - being tested by a dog 'we prepared earlier'!
After improvement – being tested by a dog ‘we prepared earlier’!