Month: June 2014

Shropshire Fire Budget – A Public Appeal

Shropshire Fire and Rescue ServiceLocal residents will remember that earlier this year, after several months of uncertainty, it was announced that Hodnet Fires Station, along with several other rural stations would not be closed in the next round of cost saving budget cuts. Today Shropshire Fire and Rescue Service publicised a series of public meetings being held across the county in July, at which Shropshire residents will be able to express their views on major cost cutting plans. The meetings have been announced here on the SFRS website.
Meetings starting at 6.30pm which are intended to last about 90 minutes, will be held at fire stations across the county. Locally the one at Market Drayton will take place on Monday July 14. Anyone interested in attending, but cannot make the one in Market Drayton could try attending the one at Shrewsbury fire HQ on July 23. People who wish to attend any of the meetings are asked to register at Shrewsbury fire HQ on 01743 260200 before the event.
Fire chiefs and members of Shropshire and Wrekin Fire Authority will be present to answer questions about plans to move Shrewsbury’s fire control and merge it with a larger 999 control centre outside the county saving £300,000 a year.
Assistant Chief Fire Officer Andy Johnson stated, “We want the people of Shropshire to give us feedback about what they think of the proposals. It is an opportunity for members of the public, local councillors and representatives to ask questions about the proposals to fire authority members and senior officers. We want to provide the excellent service that the Shropshire public expects but for less money.”
Full details of all the meetings along with an outline of other items included in the budget reductions are available on the SFRS website. That page also states, “An online questionnaire at is available for people to post their views on the possible merger of Shrewsbury’s fire control and on other plans for the service.” However this editor had trouble finding the questionnaire, but now thinks he has located it here on Shropshire Council’s website.

Animals on the Highway!

Cattle SignIn the winter months we published a reminder about the dangers of ungritted roads. Now a summer hazard is being highlighted by West Mercia Police. A recent Neighbourhood Watch message reads:

A timely reminder for Shropshire county road users.

Recent fatal accidents on Shropshire roads remind drivers to take care on the county’s roads and to remain alert at all times for unexpected hazards, especially on the narrower, twisting, rural highways. As well as reports of broken down vehicles, erratic, selfish and apparently drunken drivers, or faulty traffic lights and railway crossings, Shropshire police receive numerous calls about livestock roaming on local roads.
During the week between Monday 16 – Tuesday 24 June, fifteen calls relating to animals on Shropshire roads were received.
Cows were at large at Norton in Hales (17 June,) on Crackley Bank (A5, 21 June) and at Lea Cross (A488, 22 June.)
A dead cow or calf blocked the Much Wenlock to Church Stretton road for a while on 23 June.
Sheep were loose on bends near Marshbrook (A49, 16 June) and on the Kinlet to Cleobury Mortimer road (Tues 24 June).
A sow was hit by a vehicle on the A49 near Church Stretton on Sunday 22 June.
Horses have been roaming the roads near the army training grounds at Nesscliffe on two occasions (19 and 21 June.)
A deer was killed on the A4169 Broseley to Much Wenlock road near Wyke on 18 June and three fawns were reported frolicking in the Ludlow to Overton road on 23 June.
Two adult swans and six cygnets caused delays on the Newcastle road at Market Drayton on 16 June.
In Shrewsbury three incidents involving dogs loose among traffic were reported.

26 June 2014

Tern Hill Roadworks to continue until Wed. 25 June

Roadworks SignMany local residents will have been affected yesterday and today by the roadworks at Tern Hill Roundabout. Four-way temporary traffic light controls are causing long delays on the A4i & A53 in all directions.
According to the relevant report on the work involves excavations in the highway to locate and repair LV cable. It adds that queries should be addressed to Western Power Distribution quoting reference DY525M51251804289.
The work is scheduled to last until Wednesday 25th June.
According to the website the source of the data used is Shropshire Council.
Western Power Distribution general enquiries phone number is 0845 724 0240.

Dog access gates make walks easier

New dog access gate at The HearneeDog walkers using Footpaths Group walks 2 or 3 will be pleased to hear that another dog access gate was recently completed adjacent to the lower stile where the route turns off just above The Hearne Farm drive and heads across the fields in the direction of Long Lane.
A similar gate has already been fitted by the top stile. This work should now make the route more accessible for dog owners, and obviate the need for anyone to walk through the Hearne farmyard. People have been known to do this in the past, but it is not a right of way.
Remember that leaflets for all five walking routes produced so far by the Hodnet Footpath Group can be downloaded from this page, or should soon be available for collection (along with two new ones) at the P.O, The Bear, the village shop or the  Doctor’s surgery.

Emergency Defibrillator For Hodnet?

Sudden Cardiac Arrest

Automated External DefibrillatorEach year, 135,000 people in the UK die from Sudden Cardiac Arrest. The condition can strike anyone at any time – young or old; fit or not. That’s more than breast cancer, lung cancer and AIDS combined. The recent high profile experience of Bolton Wanderers footballer Fabrice Muamba helped bring this to the public attention – and the life saving value of an AED.
It is estimated that 85% of sudden cardiac arrest victims could be saved by rapid access to an AED. For every minute a patient is delayed in receiving defibrillation – their chances of survival drop by 10%.
All emergency frontline ambulances are equipped with defibrillators and are manned by staff trained to use them. But even though they’re likely to provide the best first response to an emergency, time is of the essence when someone suffers a cardiac arrest especially in a rural community such as ours.

What is an AED ?

Automated External DefibrillatorModern portable Automated External Defibrillators ( AED ) have made defibrillation a much simpler process than in the past, and only basic training is needed to use them effectively. They’re designed to be used by members of the public, and are very effective at guiding the operator through the process of administering a shock. They are widely available, safe and easy to use, and won’t allow a shock to be given to a victim who doesn’t need one. (For more information see Wikipedia.)
For this to happen we would need to set up a Local Community Voluntary Group. We would need funding to purchase the Defribrillator about £1500 plus a secure cabinet. The Hodnet Parish Council is pursuing the funding options and we are seeking the guidance and advice of West Midlands Ambulance Service with regard to the training of volunteers and how that might be provided.
We need a list of trained volunteers able to provide rapid response 24 hours per day, 7 days per week in the event of a Cardiac Arrest in our village and the surrounding area – supplementing the response of the 999 ambulance service.

Automated External Defibrillator CabinetHow does it operate ?

In an emergency situation the public will continue to ring 999 and ask for an ambulance in the normal way. West Midlands Ambulance Service will despatch an ambulance / paramedic as usual. There is no change to this process.
West Midlands Ambulance Service will recognise that a Public Access AED is situated in the village of Hodnet and will contact our volunteers for an immediate response. The volunteer(s) will proceed to the AED, enter the security code, remove the AED from the enclosure – and go to the victim to render assistance until the ambulance crew arrive.

How do we train the Volunteers?

West Midlands Ambulance Service provides First Aid training (which will include use of the AED and CPR) to all volunteers.
The training sessions take about 4 hours, and are generally arranged on a Saturday morning – with refresher courses as needed for new recruits.

How can I help?

To make this work we need to know that we have sufficient volunteers to make this work.
Read that bit again that “for every minute a patient is delayed in receiving defibrillation – their chances of survival drop by 10%”.
Become a Volunteer– and be willing to attend the First Aid training provided by West Midlands Ambulance Service – and join the list ready to respond with the AED in an emergency. Once trained you can choose which responder lists you wish to be on – Working Daytime, Evenings and/or Weekends.
To find out more or to volunteer simply contact the Parish Clerk by email or on 01630-685745 and we will be in touch.
We Need Your Help

New Local Debt Advice Centre Opens

Local people caught in the debt trap are now able to get free help thanks to a group of local churches opening a debt counselling centre. Market Drayton Churches Together have partnered with charity Christians Against Poverty to bring its award-winning service to Market Drayton and the surrounding area including Hodnet.

Gill Carley - CAP Centre Manager
Gill Carley – CAP Centre Manager
Market Drayton Centre Manager Gill Carley said: “The Church has always been about offering hope and we’re really pleased to be able to give a tried-and-tested route out of debt alongside other great free debt advice in the area like the Citizens Advice Bureau. There is a lot in the Bible about looking after the poorest. In our society, a lot of poverty is debt-related so our congregations have been working hard to open a CAP centre to help get people back on track.”
CAP offers people a uniquely in-depth, caring service to people with spiralling personal debt regardless of their age, gender, faith or background. Every client is visited in their own home, the charity does all the negotiating with creditors and local volunteers offer support to each person face-to-face until the day they are debt free.
Statistics show that one in three callers seeking debt help are feeling suicidal but find huge relief through the non-judgemental service that treats every person as an individual.
CAP LogoGill added: “Typically, debts can build up when a relationship breaks down, or someone loses their job, or through bereavement – so often when people are least able to cope with a financial headache. We’re just so pleased to be able to partner the care of our churches with the financial expertise of CAP’s head office in Bradford.”
The new centre covers all residents in the TF9 postcode area along with a few locations (including Marchamley) just outside of it.

Anyone who would like to contact CAP for support can do so by visiting
or by phoning 0800 328 0006 or 01274 760839.

Station Road Development – Nearing Completion

Work progressing at Station Road siteThe Parish Council wish to draw local people’s attention to the fact that work is progressing on the building of 14 dwellings on the old council yard on Station Road. According to Shropshire Housing Group’s website they will be completed in December this year.
The Parish Council would like as many local people as possible to be registered for consideration when the homes are allocated. They are therefore encouraging people to make sure that they are registered with Shropshire HomePoint who are responsible for allocating the homes when they are ready for occupancy. Registration can be done on their website or alternatively by phoning their offices on 0300-3038-595.
Derek Hodge, Chairman of the Parish Council, says:

While reviewing the Affordable Housing development at the Old Auction Yard, the Hodnet Parish Council was advised that many former applicants had not transferred across to the current register. A Local Letting Plan will be part of the allocation process and provides some preference for those with a Hodnet connection e.g. have family connections or attended local school, or employed locally. This Plan only works if those who want affordable housing are registered and known to the system.
The Shropshire Affordable Housing Scheme is managed by Shropshire HomePoint. If you know someone who has not yet registered then please urge them to apply on line or get a paper application from a Council Customer Service Point (details above). Equally, if you are already registered then it would be advisable to confirm your details.


Glow Worm Spotting is on!

Hodnet’s glow worms along our section of the old railway line are locally well known, but nationally scarce.
Have you ever seen them?
If not, and assuming you’d like to, would you know what you are looking for, or exactly where?
If yes, perhaps you’d like to repeat the experience?
Either way, the simplest way to see them is to join a late evening trip being organised by members of the Hodnet Footpath Group, as per their notice below:
We plan to walk along the old railway line between
Hodnet and Wollerton on the evening of Friday 27th June,
meeting by the ex council yard (old auction yard) in Station
Road, Hodnet [opposite the entrance to Websters Lane] ready
for a 10.00 pm [2200 hrs] start.
Everyone is welcome to join us.
Two cautions:
1. Please note – if it is raining, the event will be
2. Please read the safety notes below:
Hodnet Footpath Group can not accept any liability for
loss of or damage to property [inc clothing and personal
effects] Looking forward to seeing you on 27th
Mary Hardy
(Hodnet FPG Secretary)