Hodnet Parish Plan: Public Meeting Report

140918ParishPlanReview01Around 20 people gathered in the Lyon Hall on the evening of Thursday 18 September, 2014 to hear Parish Council Chairman Derek Hodge outline the necessity and purpose of revising the existing Parish Plan, which is now five years old. The slides from his PowerPoint presentation are below and are on the whole self-explanatory, though a few notes are included below the slideshow where they are of help.
By the end of the meeting the assembled group had agreed that the process of revising the Parish Plan should go ahead, had had the opportunity to write down their comments on different aspects of it and to volunteer to participate further in the process.
Anyone wishing to know more, or to volunteer to be a member of the Focus Group, should contact the Parish Clerk on 01630-685745 or by email.

To give yourself more time to read each slide, pause the show by hovering over the image to show the buttons and click on the centre one [Pause]. Use the right button [Forward] to go through the slides at your own pace.

Slides: N.B. The slide number is shown in the bottom centre of each slide.

  1. Title page at the beginning of this article, not in slide show;
  2. Agenda outline;
  3. The rationale behind revising the Parish Plan;
  4. Introduction to Community Led Plans [CLP] and their benefits;
  5. Community Infrastructure Levy summary – for more information see this “Non-Technical Summary” PDF file;
  6. Breakdown of how CIL funding is distributed;
  7. Outline of issues when considering a new CLP;
  8. Aims of a CLP;
  9. Areas for inclusion in a CLP;
  10. Summary of the 2009 Parish Plan – for full information see this page;
  11. Extract from Market Drayton Place Plan 2012/13;
  12. Extract from Shropshire SAMDev, but this has yet to be legally adopted (should be later in 2014);
  13. Second SAMDev extract – the second paragraph quoted will provide support for the pre-determined objectives of  the community when it is adopted;
  14. Stages of developing a CLP (the first two stages were completed at the meetings and the smileys added afterwards);
  15. Possible contents for Hodnet’s CLP;
  16. An invitation for local residents to get involved in shaping the revised plan – those present were in favour of starting the process.