Supporting Water Aid for Lent

The Church clock has moved on to another season in its calendar and is now in Lent. This is the time of year when some people feel the need and others are encouraged to give something up. Originally Lent was a time of preparation for those who were being Baptised at Easter.
Bob Wiltshire, the interim vicar of St. Luke’s Church writes:

Today we are offered the opportunity to use Lent for self examination and repentance. We do this by prayer, fasting and self denial. Also importantly by reading and meditating on God’s Holy Word. How difficult is all that? Well it was never promised to be easy. So those of us that feel all we have to offer is to give something up, carry on and do that. Whatever you offer to God will never be wasted. He will use us and our offerings to His glory.

This year the Parish is supporting Water Aid as its Lent Charity. It seems strange, when many have so much water, too much on occasions, that others suffer because they do not have enough or what they have is unhealthy. Water Aid forms are available in St. Luke’s which will fit into jam jars. The idea is that whatever you are giving up for Lent, chocolate perhaps, the money you would have spent on this treat will be dropped into the jar. Jars can then be returned to the church which will send all that has been collected to Water Aid.
This year Water Aid day on the 22nd of March.
For more information on Water Aid, please see their website.
To find out more about what is happening in Hodnet please contact Bob Wiltshire email.