Dog Fouling Alert

There is a continued problem around the Grove and particularly on the Hodnet Recreation Ground with dog fouling.

Players who get cut or grazed on the football pitch are at risk!


Derek Hodge, Chairman of the Parish Council writes:

Health Concerns
Toxocara canis is a roundworm found in dogs. Roundworm eggs are found in dog mess, which can easily be picked up by children most commonly between the ages of 18 months and five years. This can cause stomach upsets, sore throats, asthma and in rare cases blindness. The eggs can remain active in the soil for many years, long after the dog mess has weathered away.
Dog Waste and the Law
Dog owners it is an offence to allow your dog to foul on public land. People who do not clean up after their dog can be given a £50 fixed penalty notice. If they refuse to pay the fine, they can be prosecuted and may face a court appearance with a maximum penalty of £1,000. Not only is it against the law it is simply anti-social.
Where the Law Applies
Footpaths, grass verges, parking areas or hard surfaced areas alongside or on the carriage way of a road. You must even pick up on the actual road if the speed limit is 40mph or less. All public footpaths, all private roads and footpaths all recreation grounds and open spaces. all roads and footpaths on housing estates.
Be Prepared
Reasons not to pick up such as “I’ve forgotten my poo bags” or “It’s natural fertiliser for the soil” are not valid excuses!
Despite waste bins being provided around the community, one lady dog walker when challenged recently responded “It’s not a problem as it’s on the grass it will clear up”.  Madam, there’s no such thing as “The Dog Poo Fairy”.
All dog owners and walkers need to be prepared at all times and take poo bags to remove your dog’s waste. If there is no waste bin nearby then carry your dog’s waste home and dispose of it in your own black bin.

As a dog owner it is your responsibility to clear up after your dog.