Local Resident Upset by Request

Brian Wood BBC VideoToday (Wed. 9th Dec. 2012) the BBC has published a report on their website featuring a video of local resident Brian Wood complaining about a request from the Parish Council asking him to clear up after his pet dog Sophie when he takes her out for a walk.
Mr Wood says a letter from the Parish Council undermined his independence. It suggested a friend accompanied Mr Wood when he walked Sophie, who is not a guide dog. Blind people are not required to clear up after their guide dog, but the Parish Council said a by-law meant Mr Wood was not exempt.
In the video Mr Wood states he feels he has been “singled out”. “I’m a very independent person, and I like to walk my dog alone,” he says, “There are many others doing it and I’m the one who’s been targeted.”
Parish Council Chairman Derek Hodge is quoted by the BBC as saying that complaints had come from “the community around” Mr Wood, particularly over dog fouling problems on a recreation ground popular with children. Mr Hodge added, “We have every sympathy for Mr Wood and his visual problems and we know how much his pet dog means to him.”

The BBC report comes in the same week as Shropshire Council has announced an new initiative to combat dog fouling. Described as an ‘edgy and uncompromising’ campaign to tackle hotspots where dog owners/walkers do not clean up after their pets. The ‘We’re watching you’ signs are visible after dark because they use innovative cutting-edge materials. The Council started putting the signs up across Shropshire from Monday this week. The scheme is being run in conjunction with the environmental charity Keep Britain Tidy in an attempt to reduce dog fouling in locations throughout the county known to suffer problems in this respect.

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