Gas Cylinder Stolen

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West Mercia Police LogoIn rural areas like ours the theft of heating oil from outdoor storage tank is a well known problem. What many residents may not appreciate is that gas cylinders, often used to supply domestic cookers, are also vulnerable.
In this week’s summary of crimes reported in North Shropshire (10/1/17), published by West Mercia Police on their website, one local crime catches one’s attention. It reads:

An external gas cylinder was disconnected and stolen from a property in Shrewsbury Road, Hodnet, between 10.30am/midday on Sat 7 January. (OIS incident reference 0307s 070117).

If you use gas cylinders domestically, and they are located on the outside of your home, then please consider how you can secure them so they cannot be removed without your permission.
If you happened to notice anything suspicious in Shrewsbury Road last Saturday, please contact the West Mercia Police on their non-emergency number, 101, quoting the incident number above.