Doris raises the roof in Peplow

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Yesterday’s (23/2/17) weather news was dominated by the dangers of the storm named Doris by the Met Office. The saddest reported incident was the death of a woman after she was hit by debris falling on to a street in Wolverhampton. In Stoke-on-Trent a woman in her sixties was taken to hospital after she was hit on the head by the dislodged roof of a car port. There many other reports from across Britain of damage and travel disruption caused by this “weather bomb”.
Whilst locally many trees have been heavily pruned by the wind, there were no reports of fallen trees and the like. Shropshire Fire and Rescue Service report that at about 12:30pm the Hodnet Fire Crew were despatched to an incident on The Avenue, Peplow where the roof of a stable block roof had been blown onto a residential property. Fire Service staff secured the loose material with lines and straps. No injuries were reported.