Road Works 27 & 28 Feb 2017

Roadworks Sign

Roadworks SignThe website has posted notices of two sets of works in our area which are to be carried out today and tomorrow (27 & 28 Feb. 17).
The one with potentially the highest impact is located on A53 at Espley Roundabout. It involves the upgrade of a “pole” by Vodafone and expected to take place over two days. Traffic control will be by means of Stop/Go boards, and delays are expected. The exact location of the works is described as being in the grass verge on N side A53 20m W of the roundabout. This contributor is not sure what “S/L 14 25m W S/L 13 opp” describes, but suspects S/L may indicate single line/lane traffic. Presumably the pole concerned is an upgraded mast which should be good news for users of Vodafone’s network.
The other set of works, which are scheduled for Tuesday 28 Feb. 17, are on the road to Weston Under Redcastle. This too involves the replacement of pole, but here by Western Power Distribution. The works are described as taking place opposite Hillside, between the [old] A442 junction Hodnet and the B5065 junction Dairy House, Weston Under Redcastle. Traffic control will be by Stop/Go boards and delays are likely to occur.