Horsebox overturns into field

Horsebox in field 1

Horsebox in field 1Around 1.00pm today, Monday 29 May 2017, a horsebox being towed towards Wellington on the A442 in Peplow, came unhooked from the vehicle towing it and overturned into a field. The trailer did not contain any animals, but at the time was being used to transport equipment. Thankfully, the box did not collied with any other vehicle and no-one was injured in the incident, though the driver who had been towing it was very shaken by the incident.
According to the driver of the car behind the horsebox, the trailer began sway after it ran over a pothole in the carriageway. It continued to sway until it broke away from the towing vehicle it, before overturning into a field on the right of the road about 500 yds. beyond the pothole.
The driver contacted the farmer who owns the field and he graciously undertook the recovery of it to the nearest gate. A section of the boundary fence to the field was damaged by the horsebox.
Horsebox in field 2