Month: June 2017

Cancelled – Peplow Community Walk – July 2017

Please Note: Due to the unavailability of a number of people this evening’s walk has been postponed until a future date.

Anyone who would like a walk this evening is invited to join the Hodnet Footpath Group along the old railway line – see here for details.

Boy & Girl Walking

An evening walk up the Wrekin

Wednesday 12 July

Meet for 7:00pm start  in the car park between The Wrekin and the Ercall – Grid. Ref. SJ638092
All ages welcome.
In case of forecasted bad weather please check here (or phone Randall on 01952-540970) after 4.00pm on the day.
See our page for more information about the Peplow Community Group.

Wood Lane Closure 27 to 30 June

Wood Lane ClosureWhile significant roadworks continue on the A53 and other main roads, Wood Lane in Wollerton will be closed for 3 days. Starting tomorrow (Wed. 27 June 2017) a section of Wood Lane is scheduled to be fully closed until late on Friday.
The screen shot on the right is taken from the website and the two listings relevant to this closure can be viewed here & here.
The work being carried out by Severn Trent Water is to renew a “Long Common Pipe” in the carriage way.

Good News – New Public Footpath created for Hodnet/Wollerton

Hodnet Footpath Group [HFG] is very pleased to announce that Shropshire Council [SC] have designated the ‘old railway line’ path from Hodnet to Wollerton a public right of way [PROW] with immediate effect.
In practical ‘walking’ terms nothing will change, but the change of legal status protects the route for the future as it replaces its previous ‘permissive use ‘ granted by SC – which could have been removed at any time.
In due course this route will appear on official maps as a PROW [and on ordnance survey, etc, as a public footpath] and in the short term SC will be adding some finger post ‘public footpath’ signs.
This change has only come about as a result of a formal submission made by HFG to SC for a change of status, which in turn was only possible because many people completed the relevant question contained in Hodnet Parish Council’s [HPC] last Parish Plan Questionnaire. Our submission was also formally supported by HPC and Karen Calder, local SC Councillor. So, a big thank you to all who took the trouble bring this about – local democracy in action?
And a final big ‘thank you’ to the Outdoor Recreation team at SC for taking the action they have.
If you value some of the work HFG does, why not get involved and help ensure it continues?
See our website page for details or phone the current Chair [Steve] on 01630 685697.

Come and see Hodnet's famous glow worms

You may have seen some publicity for Hodnet Footpath Group’s upcoming glow worm spotting walk in the Messenger or the Advertiser? If not read on, if ‘yes’ then this post confirms the details.
It takes place on Friday 30th June at 10 pm – yes ten at night, as the glow worms only glow in the dark!
Meet by the old railway bridge in Station Rd, Hodnet. The plan is to walk towards Wollerton (1 m approx) by which time it will hopefully be dark enough to see the main glow worm colony on our way back.
Sensible footwear and a torch are advised. Children welcome, with those accompanying them taking responsibility for them. Dogs on leads, please.
If the weather remains warm and dry, the conditions are ideal. Should it be pouring with rain the event will be cancelled without further notice and, if possible, a suitable notice added to thewebsite.
Phone HFG chairman (Steve) 01630 685697 with any queries.

Hodnet Bypass Closures – Update 19 June 2017

Recently, we reported here that the Hodnet Bypass (A53) is due to be closed on several occasions over the next two to three weeks. Exactly when it would be closed was not very clear at the time, but since then several things have happened to provide a a little more clarity. For instance last week signs were placed on the A53 warning of closures over the following 20 days (see image right). is the website used by Shropshire Council to announce roadworks in the county. Below is a screenshot from that website showing multiple roadworks on the bypass over coming weeks.
This suggests that the road will be closed over the next 3 days (20 to 22 June), with diversions also be necessary on other dates through to 3rd of June.
The Shropshire Star is more specific in an article published on its website yesterday with the headline, A53 near Market Drayton facing month of delays during roadworks. This gives the following timetable:

  • June 20: 9pm-4am
  • June 22-24: 9.30am-4pm
  • July 2: 9pm-4am

These are the dates we previously reported as listed in the Council’s road closure programme. With the weather for the next few days being forecast as hot/warm and dry, hopefully there will no delays to the schedule for adverse weather conditions, unless of course it is too hot for the tarmac to set!
Please remember that there are also closures planned for other sections of the A53 between Espley Roundabout and Shawbury and also work will be taking place in the Bing’s Heath area. See or the road closure programme for details.

UPDATED: Hodnet Bypass to be closed but when?

Update 14 June: The sign below has been displayed on the A53 in the last few weeks. It reads:

Surface Dressing Works

This road will be closed for short periods during the next 2O days

Due to these works being weather dependant we are unable to provide exact dates

[Can you spot the spelling mistake?]

So it looks like the Shropshire Star got it wrong (see below) and the work will start before the end of this month. However no date is available for when the road will be closed.

A number of reports are circulating that the A53, Hodnet bypass, is going to be closed in the near future for resurfacing work. The one thing these reports disagree about is when it will be closed.
A53 Closure 2017On Friday, 12 May Shropshire Council circulated an email announcing that the A53 Hodnet bypass, A442 junction to Tern Hill crossroad was to be closed from Tuesday 20 June 2017. It states the closure will last for 2 nights and 3 days (20/06/17 and 02/07/17 21:30-04:00, 22/06/17-24/06/17 09:30-16:00). During this time a signed diversion will be in place using the A41 & A49 – click the image to the right to download a PDF copy of the map.
The reason given for the closure is to allow “surface dressing to include stud removal and reinstatement”.
The Council’s website also has a page which details its Surface dressing 2017 programme. It says that 166 sites have been identified for treatment across the county and provides this list of locations and planned closure dates (PDF). Two local sections of the A53 are included in the schedule. These are:

  • A53 Hodnet Bypass – Road Closure starting (weather permitting) on Thursday 22 June 17 @ 8:00am, with working hours of 9:30am to 4:00pm.
  • A53 Hopton farm to Espley Island – Road Closure starting (weather permitting) on Monday 26 June 17 @ 8:00am, with working hours of 9:30am to 4:00pm.

One other location on the A53 is listed which is Bings Heath to Shawbury from 26 June 17. Here the road will not be closed but traffic will be managed by Stop & Go Boards / Convoys.
Thirdly, on 10 May the Shropshire Star published a report announcing A53 to close near Market Drayton for works. This report states, “The A53 will be closed from July 31 to September 3 in Tern Hill near Market Drayton for surface dressing.” [Emphasis added] This author is not convinced by the report in the Star, given that both Council communications mention dates in late June and all the Surface Dressing work is described as taking place between 12 June and mid/late August. However, I recommend that residents keep an eye out for diversion sings being put out in the area.
If we receive clarification we will of course post an update.

Hodnet Medical Centre Half Day Closure – 29 June 17

Hodnet Medical CentreHodnet Medical Centre has today announced on its website that the surgery will be closed for half a day on: Thursday 29th June from 12.30pm.
This is to allow all Practice staff to take part in a protected learning time training session.  All surgeries within the North Shropshire area will be closed on this afternoon for training purposes.  This is in line with the Government’s directive to improve training and education within the NHS, and to give all practice staff the opportunity to participate.
If you require medical treatment while the surgery is closed on the above afternoons – please call Shropdoc on  0333 222 66 55.