Public Walks for 2018

Hodnet Footpath Group have set dates for next year’s public walks.
As weekend walks have often had a poor turnout in the past but evening walks have often been better, we have opted for evening walks through the coming year, and will also try some daytime mid-week walks too.
Noting that we seem to have a knack for choosing some of the wettest days of the year for our walks – and then having to cancel them, this coming year we are going to try and cheat fate by having a reserve date [shown in brackets below]. So, if the weather renders the first date impossible we will try again at the same time on the reserve date.
Anyone is welcome to join us on these walks, so feel free to make a note on your coming year’s calenders/diaries.
Full details will be posted on the website nearer the time.
Weds 21st Mar: 11am [Thurs 22nd Mar]
Fri 4th May: 7pm [Fri 11th May]
Fri 29th June: 10pm – Glow Worm Walk [Fri 6th July]
Fri 27th July: 7pm [Fri 3rd Aug]
Fri 21st Sept: 7pm [Fri 28th Sept]
Weds 14th Nov: 11am [Thurs 15th Nov]
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