Month: January 2018

Co Co seeks more volunteers

Co-Co LogoYou’ll no doubt have seen publicity for Hodnet Compassionate Communities (Co Co) around the area or on this site.

After a steady start the project seems to be gathering speed and we have already received several enquiries since new year.

The majority of our existing volunteers are now deployed with a regular client to visit, so it seems an appropriate time to put the word around that we are seeking to recruit more helpers – particularly gentlemen!

Being a Co Co volunteer does not require complex skills or knowledge – an interest in people and a care for their wellbeing is the main requirement. Would you be able to allocate a couple of hours each week to befriend/connect with someone who’s struggling with social isolation? This may involve visiting them in their home or occasionally taking them out of their four walls to give them a change of scene.

If you’d like to find out more, please see our page on this website, ring us on 07849 835687 or email us. We look forward to hearing from you.

Hodnet & District Garden Club Feb 2018

Hodnet & District Garden ClubOur first meeting of the new year will take place on Tuesday 20th February at 7.30pm in the Lyon Hall, when Gordon Malt will give an illustrated talk on Structure in the Garden.
Gordon is a retired tree surgeon and he and his wife open their half-acre garden for charity. We look forward to an interesting evening and hope to take home useful ideas for our own gardening efforts.
As usual light refreshments will be served at the end of the meeting and guests are always welcome; one-off visitors pay £2, annual membership is £10.
The year’s programme will be available to view on the Garden Club website once all details are finalised, and we should be delighted to see new people coming along.

Peplow Community Walk – February 2018

Boy & Girl WalkingSunday 11th February
Update Sunday 11:30am: The promised snow and sleet has not fallen in the intensity that the Weather Warnings forecasted. Whilst there is still a threat of wintry showers this afternoon, we are planning to go ahead with the walk. Wrapping up to keep out the cold and any showers is recommended, as is suitable footwear.

Coundmoor near Cressage
Meet at 1:45pm for 2:00pm
Park by Mosterley Farm.
All ages welcome.
In case of forecasted wet weather please check here (or phone Randall on 01952-540970) after noon on the day.
See our page for more information about the Peplow Community Group.

Historic Photographs of James Naylor

In December 2017 the web team were contacted by Dr Philip J Naylor, grandson of James Naylor who was the Dispensing Chemist in Hodnet between 1934 & 1937. Philip, who now lives in Bristol is also the great grandson of Will Dodd, who was the odd job man at Hodnet Hall.
Philip says he had been going through some of my late father’s effect recently, and
sent us six photographs for the website. We very much appreciate these which are featured below, and have been added to relevant pages elsewhere on the website.

James Naylor & his dog RoverJames Naylor and his dog Rover.

Hodnet's Chemist Shop pre 1940Hodnet’s Chemist Shop pre 1940 -with unnamed woman.
There is a display of Ucal Photographic Supplies in the window.

E Howells Outside Chemist Shop late 1930sDonkey and trap marked “E Howells, Hodnet” outside the chemist’s shop in the late 1930s.

British Legion marching - possibly at funeral of James Naylor 1937The British Legion marching through Hodnet, possibly for the funeral of James Naylor, 1937

Children playing on a fire engine, possibly late 1920sChildren playing on a fire engine, possibly late 1920s.

Hodnet from the air probably taken in 1938Hodnet from the air probably taken in 1938.
It is of the main crossroads in the village viewed from above the road to Marchamley.
The Bear, the Hundred House and the Church gates are all identifiable.

Copies of some of these photographs have also been added to the following pages: Hodnet Pharmacy, Old Photographs: Hodnet & Hodnet from the Air.

A Week of Roadworks Hopton / High Hatton, 24 Jan 18

Roadworks SignThis morning circulated an email with details of a week of roadworks on the minor road which runs between the A53 at Hopton and High Hatton. The work should have started today (24/1/18) and are scheduled to continue until 1st Feb.
The work is being carried out by BT. The two connected announcements read:

Roadworks, delays possible: 24 Jan – 1 Feb
From A53 Junction Lodge Farm to High Hatton Junction, High Hatton,
Responsibility for these works: BT
Information for Road Users: Traffic lights, etc: Traffic control (two-way signals)
Information for Operational Teams
Highway Authority: Shropshire Council
Description: Build 6 concrete chamber 915mm x 445mm x 965mm deep in verge, Install 870m of cables in Verge
Permit status: Granted
Works ref: BC005WP00400500253111004
Project ref: BC005BDUK


Roadworks, delays likely: 24 Jan – 1 Feb
A53 The Avenue, Hopton, Shawbury,
Responsibility for these works: BT
Information for Road Users
Location: A53 The Avenue, Hopton, Shawbury, Shropshire
Traffic lights, etc: Traffic control (two-way signals)
Information for Operational Teams
Highway Authority: Shropshire Council
Description: Install 8m of cables in Verge
Permit status: Granted
Works ref: BC005WP00400500253111005
Project ref: BC005BDUK

Have You Lost a Trampoline?

Lost Trampoline On Old RailwayThe webteam have been contacted by a local resident who regularly walks along the old railway line from Hodnet to Wollerton.
They tell us that since the strong winds a few days ago the trampoline pictured right has been blocking the footpath.
Unlike the recently escaped parrot the trampoline will not move until someone takes responsibility for it.
It is very likely to have been blown out of a local garden, possibly on Station Road. If you live in the area and have recently lost a trampoline (or know who has) please check this one out as soon as possible and if it is your please retrieve it urgently.
Update: Friday 26 Jan

We have been informed this evening that the trampoline had not been reclaimed by its owners, and therefore earlier today it was taken away by Shropshire Council.

New Recycling Page

Have you ever wondered how to recycle those items which the Council don’t collect, and for which it is not easy to find places to take them?
We have tried to help by adding a new page to the website with a list of places in the area where you take a variety of items. You can find this in our Local Services directory – or click here.
If you have any items which you think may have some life in them but are no longer useful to you, please look at our Give/Receive/Sell/Buy page for ideas of how to pass them on.

Wood Lane, Wollerton Closure – 22 Jan 2018

Roadworks is warning of the closure of Wood Lane in Wollerton on Monday, 22nd Jan. This to allow Severn Trent Water to carry out remedial work. From the map it seems that the work is being carried out near to Wollerton URC. The planned diversion route is through Mickley.
Details are:

Wood Lane, Wollerton, Shropshire
22 January — 22 January
Delays likely Road closure
Works location: O/S HIGHFIELDS
Works description: Defect CLO – Remedial Rein by CLO Carriageway type 4 (up to 0.5 MSA) Job in Carriageway (10mm Bitmac (Tarmac) ) Small Main Repair Collar 4″ Job in Carriageway (Bitumen Macadam (Tarmac) ) Small Main Repair Collar 4″ Job in Carriageway (Bitumen Macadam (Tarmac) )
Responsibility for works: Shropshire
Current status: Planned work about to start
Works reference: LB9141201/000011510905

A second set of information adds:

Roadworks, delays likely 22 Jan
Wood Lane, Wollerton, Shropshire
Responsibility for these works
Severn Trent Water
Information for Road Users
Location: Wood Lane, Wollerton, Shropshire
Traffic lights, etc: Road closure
Information for Operational Teams [as above] Permit status: Granted
Works ref: LB9141201/000011510905
Current status: Planned work about to start
Work info last updated: 00:00 on 25/10/2017
Last updated on 08:01 on 20/01/2018
Data source: Severn Trent Water

Parrot at Large in Peplow!

Macaw ParrotThe web team have been contacted by local resident Paul Elvin, to say that a blue macaw was spotted at Bowling Green Farm, Peplow earlier today (19/1/18).
It was seen on a roof at about 9:20am, and stayed there for about 10mins, before flying away in the direction of Hodnet.
Of course no one can be sure where the bird is now, but if you are looking for an escaped bird, then you know where it has been seen. If other residents see the bird in the area and want to pass on the details, please use this form.
Paul says he and others were concerned about a tropical bird being able to survive in a British winter. If others have similar worries New Life Parrot Rescue reports here that there 13 different species known to be living in the wild in the UK. Most reports are of sightings in southern England, including several large and thriving colonies of feral parrots in London.
If anyone thinks this might be their bird, please use the link above to let us have your contact details and we will let you know of any further sightings.
Update: 2:00pm
Thank to Penny Kesterton, who sent us a Facebook screenshot of a message from Rebecca Taylor (below). The macaw is called Zach, and yesterday morning she had posted an alert to say he had not turned up for breakfast.
Around 11:00am today she updated the post to say that he had returned home via Eaton-on-Tern, Tibberton, Gt Bolas and Hodnet.
Below is his picture from her message:
Zach the AWOL Macaw

National Vaccine Shortage

Hodnet Medical Centre has posted a news item on its website concerning the national shortage of Hepatitis A and B vaccines. The announcement, which can be found at the foot of the front page, reads:

Vaccine shortage

There is a global shortage of Hepatitis A and B vaccines impacting severely on UK supply, This is due to intermittent manufacturing issues which have resulted in increased demand on all manufacturers’ supplies of vaccine.
We are also currently experiencing a shortage of Pneumococcal (pneumonia) vaccine, and Revaxis (Diphteria Tetanus and Polio) vaccine. It is not clear when these vaccines will become available.

Hodnet Medical Centre