How to keep warm – the HFG way!

On Jan 26th 3 members of the Hodnet Footpath Group (HFG), fed up with the bad weather that has cancelled many past planned workparties, decided to go ahead with a workparty to replace two stiles near long lane [on walks 6 & 7] , even though sleet was forecast – later. We were very pleased to find we were assisted by a new recruit [thanks Dave] and a volunteer [thanks Alex].
Little did we know that the Met office’s ‘later’ would turn out to be ‘now’! – but once you have taken down a stile [we had] you really have to re-erect it [we did, despite rain, sleet, snow and seeping cold]. However, the end result was two new stiles with added dog gates, and despite the outward appearances we managed to work hard enough to stay warm.
Anyway, we hope people enjoy using them, and we’d be even happier if this little tale of adversity inspired you to join us or otherwise give us a hand (now and then) in such work, and other general footpath improvements we carry out.

BEFORE – Woodside stile, damaged and wobbly step

Woodside stile – half done
AFTER – Woodside stile complete with dog gate – to right

The woodside crew – wet but satisfied!  – L to R: Alex, Derek, Richard
– and not forgetting our Chairman Steve who was behind the camera between rebuilding the other stile with Dave.
See our webpage for more details of who we are, what we do and how to get in touch.
Here’s to the next workparties (Feb 24th and April 4th] – hopefully with much better weather.

Dave’s baptism of fire, halfway through now!                                                                                      The job (well)  done