Reminder – Scoop the Poop!

Three years ago we published a post reminding local residents and visitors of the need to clean up after their dogs when they are out and about with them. This Dog Fouling Alert warned of the dangers of the Toxocara canis roundworm and also the law concerning this habitual problem. We encourage all dog owners to read it, because it seems a reminder is required.
The webteam has recently received an email from a regular user of the footpaths in the parish. They said they often go along the old rail line and over the footpaths, through the (brilliant!) new gateways and towards Wollerton.  They then added, “This weekend I was really disappointed by the amount of dog mess left behind all over the paths.”
Can we therefore remind all dog walkers that even in settings like the old railway line, it is important that you clean up after your pets.
We also want to urge other users to be watch out where they tread as we have been told there is a lot of dog mess about at present! If you happen to know someone who regularly walks their pets on our public footpaths, please mention this request to them.
BTW – The brilliant new gates and some new styles are the result of the ongoing work of the Hodnet Footpath Group. If you enjoy the benefits of their labours why not get involved.