Drayton Road, Multiple Roadworks – 17 to 20 Sept.

Roadworks.org has announced a series of roadworks on Drayton Road (old A53) this week from Mon. 17 to Thur. 20 September (2018).
Five different locations are given stretching between the edge of Hodnet village and Wollerton crossroads.
The common features are:
Works description: Access required to Underground BT structure to repair service – No structural changes.
Work being carried out on existing BT Plant
Responsibility for works: Openreach
Works reference: BC005CC1W00AUG18WN7VGF11
There will be traffic lights at all locations, the two nearest Hodnet will have two-way signals, whilst the others will have multi-way ones.
It is not clear if all the locations will disrupted at the same time or in sequence.
The following links provide details of each of the locations – starting at Hodnet and finishing at Wollerton crossroads: first, second, third, fourth, fifth. NB the dates given on the website are 17th – 19th Sept. whilst the email gave the end date as 20th Sept.