Consultation on Shropshire's Local Recycling Sites

Shropshire Council LogoRecently Shropshire Council launched a six week consultation on the future of local recycling sites, such as the one near Hodnet Club, which they now refer to as “Recycling Bring Sites.” Details of the consultation are available on the Council’s website. A statement on that page reads:

Bring banks are currently provided at 120 sites across Shropshire by Shropshire Council and Veolia, to enable people to recycle household waste including cans, glass, paper, clothing and drinks cartons.
The council is proposing to remove the bring bank sites to help reduce fly-tipping and littering, to increase recycling rates, and to save money, as outlined below.

It is important for anyone who regularly uses these sites, and believes they should remain available, to respond to this consultation, which closes on Friday, 25 January. The survey only takes a few minutes to complete once respondents have read the explanation of why the Council is proposing closing these sites. The survey can be accessed via the “How to get involved” tab.