New Page Listing Local Broadband Suppliers

Over forty people attended a meeting at Peplow Chapel on 29th November to learn more about the provision of broadband in the area. The majority of those present were from Peplow, but Marchamley, Wollerton, High Hatton and Ollerton were also represented. All seemingly were suffering with slow, rural broadband.
Philippa Blackburn of Airband explained her company’s aim to provide radio broadband to many of the properties unable to access Broadband via fibre-enabled cabinets in the locality.  She answered audience questions about the service and displayed maps showing postcode areas where Airband should be able to supply a connection – provided of course that a property had a clear line of sight to one of their transmitter masts.
In response to the high level of local interest, a permanent page has now been added to this site giving more information about alternative broadband suppliers in our area and the services they offer. Find out more.