Month: March 2019

Disruption on A442 for Four Weeks

People using the A442 through Peplow may have spotted signs indicating that the road will be closed from 5 April 2019, for 13 days, though no reason is stated.
The section of road covered is between Espley Roundabout (A53 junction) and Peplow/Radmoor Crossroads.
Around the same time residents living along this section of the road have received letters indicating that during this period resurfacing work will be carried  out. This is good news as the condition of this section of the A442 has been poor for far too long.
At present the information about the project on (Works Ref. UJ212RS/845190) shows the dates of the work to be from 27 May to 10 June. There is obviously some confusion as the attached site notice clearly gives the starting date as 5 Apr. 19. The relevant detail reads:

Description of restriction: Traffic will be prohibited from using A442 from the A53 Espley Roundabout to Peplow
Date & Duration: 5 April 2019 for 15 days
Purpose: Carriageway resurfacing.
Alternative Route : Via Waters Upton, Crudgington, High Ercall, Great Wytheford, Shawbury and the A53
For further information about road closures and roadworks in Shropshire contact our Customer Service Centre on 0345 678 9006

Things are complicated further because also carries information about tree cutting work on this same section of the road starting on Monday 25 March, and continuing until 12 April. It reads:

A442 From Radmoor Crossroads to A53 Espley Roundabout, Hodnet
25 March — 12 April
Delays likely Traffic control (two-way signals)
Works location: from 362380, 326085 to 363451, 322361 No more than 100m at any point
Works description: Tree Cutting
Responsibility for works: Shropshire
Works reference: UJ015282008881

It is not clear how the two projects will work alongside each other, but the next four weeks look like they will involve significant disruption for Peplow residents and commuters along the A442!
In the meantime resurfacing work along The Avenue in Peplow continues and at some point will also interfere with traffic flow along the A442.

Defibrillator Training 3rd April 2019

Automated External DefibrillatorThere are now two defibrillators in Stanton Parish at High Hatton and Stanton, and residents have organised a defibrillator training session at Stanton Village Hall at 7pm on Weds 3rd April.
Residents from the Hodnet area are also welcome to attend.
“These potentially life saving pieces of equipment are becoming more and more common. Defibrillators are very easy to use. The machine gives clear spoken instructions – all you have to do is follow them – and it won’t shock someone unless they need it.
“You access the defibrillator by dialling 999 and giving the ID code displayed on the box. The operator will give you the code to open it and any instructions you need.
“Although you don’t necessarily need training to use a defibrillator, it can make you feel much more confident should you ever need to do so. Anyone, of any age, is welcome at the training session. Please come along and join us.”
If you would like further information, please contact Catherine Carney – email.
Details about Hodnet’s defibrillators are available on the following pages:

Wood Lane, Wollerton Roadworks, 21 to 29 March 2019

UPDATE 23 March:
A further notice on indicates that a section of Wood Lane will be completely closed from Mon. 25 till Wed. 27 Mar. It reads:

Wood Lane, Wollerton, Shropshire
25 March — 27 March
Delays likely Road closure
Works location: Wood Lane from X junction leading to Mill Road to The Woodlands
Works description: Installation of new BT poles and cable for provision of service to customer
Responsibility for works: Openreach
Works reference: BC005WP00400500237901608

This project is within the period covered by the notice below, but indicates that over the three days mentioned the road will be closed to through traffic. has announced over a week of disruption on Wood Lane Wollerton from Thursday 21 March. The notice reads:

Roadworks SignWood Lane, Wollerton, Shropshire
21 March — 29 March
Delays possible Traffic control (multi-way signals)
Works location: (PCP6) Opposite Corner of Woodlands on Wood Lane
Works description: Build 1 precast chamber 1310mm x 610mm x 1265mm deep in Footway, Install 5m of 1 way poly duct in Verge,Provide 1 Cabinet and base (NGA cabinets)
Responsibility for works: Openreach
Works reference: BC005WP00400500272264600

Resurfacing on The Avenue, Peplow – March 2019

Recently, Shropshire Council have circulated letters to residents on The Avenue in Peplow with details of resurfacing work to be carried out there between 18 and 28 March. The annotated image below is taken from the information which accompanied the letter, and shows the location of the work.
The letter reads:

Dear Resident / Business Owner
I am pleased to inform you that Kier Highways have been instructed by Shropshire Council to carry out Carriageway Resurfacing and Civils works at the above location.
Works are programmed to be carried out commencing 18th March we envisage the work being completed by 28th March.
For safety reasons due to the width of the carriageway the work will need to be carried out under a road closure of The Avenue from Junction A442 to Junction Woodlands from 08.00am – 17.00 pm Monday to Friday. Please expect delays in this area during the works.
During the closure access to the works area will be restricted to:

  • Essential Highway Personnel,
  • Local residents who live and reside within the road closure,
  • Businesses located within the closure (if applicable),
  • Pedestrians, Dismounted Cyclists and Equestrians,
  • Emergency Service Vehicles

Please do not hesitate to seek guidance during the undertaking of the above work from the operatives on site.
The programme is liable to change in the event of unforeseen circumstances or adverse weather. All changes will be highlighted on the Advance Warning signs.
Should you have any queries or wish to discuss any of the above please donot hesitate to contact Shropshire Council’s Highways Customer Services Centre on 0345 6789006.

Note: Information about this project is also available on the website which indicates that for the whole or part of this period there will be traffic lights on the A442 at the junction with the Avenue.

Location: A442 – Junction of The Avenue
Description: Traffic Management for resurfacing works on The Avenue – Traffic control (two-way signals)
Permit status: Granted
Works ref: UJ212RS/845710-1

Finally, there is also a “future planning” entry on indicating that “A442 From Radmoor Crossroads to A53 Espley Roundabout,” will be closed for resurfacing work from 27 May to 10 June 5 April for around two weekssee this post. Whilst the disruption is not to be looked forward to, regular commuters along this route will in time appreciate the improvements to the surface on this section. No plans have been announced at present to resurface the A442 to the south of Radmoor Crossroads.

Walk – 21st March

Hodnet Footpath Group’s first organised walk of the year will be on Thursday 21st March.

Meet at the Lyon Hall, Hodnet at 11.00 a.m, from where we plan to walk our Walk Leaflet Route 2 (Long Lane to Wollerton) with a possible addition of a detour around the Wollerton Wetlands.
The route is moderately difficulty with a few stiles and is dog friendly.
Everyone is welcome, including well behaved dogs.
There’s plenty of parking at Lyon Hall and good footwear is essential.
We hope to see you there.

Wollerton Water Main Replacement Completed!

Yesterday, the webteam was informed that the reinstatement of the road surface on Drayton Road had been completed. The contractor’s intention was therefore by the end of the working day, to remove the signage and return to the status of the road to being legally open to traffic. Whilst this was not as early as hoped at the end of last week, the project has been completed on schedule.
We are sure that residents in the areas affected by the work over the last 22 weeks whilst benefiting from the upgraded water main, will appreciate the removal of the road closure, as will drivers who frequently use Drayton Road. The end of the work also means that the 64 bus service will be able to revert to its normal route.
A similar project is about to start in Marchamley with work commencing on 18 March and continui9ng until 26 July. We will try and provide updates on progress there.

Wollerton Water Main Replacement – Update 3 March 19

We have received the following update from Samantha Pedley, Amey Customer Liaison Officer:

“The pipework is all complete but there is some reinstatement work still to be completed.
We are expecting this to be done over the weekend with final sections done on Monday, however, it is possible this may extend to later in the week.
As soon as we have completed the reinstatement, we will remove the signage and leave site clear.”