Disruption on A442 for Four Weeks

People using the A442 through Peplow may have spotted signs indicating that the road will be closed from 5 April 2019, for 13 days, though no reason is stated.
The section of road covered is between Espley Roundabout (A53 junction) and Peplow/Radmoor Crossroads.
Around the same time residents living along this section of the road have received letters indicating that during this period resurfacing work will be carried  out. This is good news as the condition of this section of the A442 has been poor for far too long.
At present the information about the project on roadworks.org (Works Ref. UJ212RS/845190) shows the dates of the work to be from 27 May to 10 June. There is obviously some confusion as the attached site notice clearly gives the starting date as 5 Apr. 19. The relevant detail reads:

Description of restriction: Traffic will be prohibited from using A442 from the A53 Espley Roundabout to Peplow
Date & Duration: 5 April 2019 for 15 days
Purpose: Carriageway resurfacing.
Alternative Route : Via Waters Upton, Crudgington, High Ercall, Great Wytheford, Shawbury and the A53
For further information about road closures and roadworks in Shropshire contact our Customer Service Centre on 0345 678 9006

Things are complicated further because roadworks.org also carries information about tree cutting work on this same section of the road starting on Monday 25 March, and continuing until 12 April. It reads:

A442 From Radmoor Crossroads to A53 Espley Roundabout, Hodnet
25 March — 12 April
Delays likely Traffic control (two-way signals)
Works location: from 362380, 326085 to 363451, 322361 No more than 100m at any point
Works description: Tree Cutting
Responsibility for works: Shropshire
Works reference: UJ015282008881

It is not clear how the two projects will work alongside each other, but the next four weeks look like they will involve significant disruption for Peplow residents and commuters along the A442!
In the meantime resurfacing work along The Avenue in Peplow continues and at some point will also interfere with traffic flow along the A442.