Wood Lane, Wollerton Roadworks, 21 to 29 March 2019

Roadworks Sign

UPDATE 23 March:
A further notice on roadworks.org indicates that a section of Wood Lane will be completely closed from Mon. 25 till Wed. 27 Mar. It reads:

Wood Lane, Wollerton, Shropshire
25 March — 27 March
Delays likely Road closure
Works location: Wood Lane from X junction leading to Mill Road to The Woodlands
Works description: Installation of new BT poles and cable for provision of service to customer
Responsibility for works: Openreach
Works reference: BC005WP00400500237901608

This project is within the period covered by the notice below, but indicates that over the three days mentioned the road will be closed to through traffic.

Roadworks.org has announced over a week of disruption on Wood Lane Wollerton from Thursday 21 March. The notice reads:

Roadworks SignWood Lane, Wollerton, Shropshire
21 March — 29 March
Delays possible Traffic control (multi-way signals)
Works location: (PCP6) Opposite Corner of Woodlands on Wood Lane
Works description: Build 1 precast chamber 1310mm x 610mm x 1265mm deep in Footway, Install 5m of 1 way poly duct in Verge,Provide 1 Cabinet and base (NGA cabinets)
Responsibility for works: Openreach
Works reference: BC005WP00400500272264600