Waste Not Want Not!

What sort of world is it where people living in a country with a developed household waste collection service feel it is necessary, let alone acceptable, to dump rubbish on the side of the road?

This is the result (at the bottom of Mill Road, Wollerton) of someone seemingly happy to inflict their ‘discarded’ Christmas on the rest of us. It’s so wantonly done there are gift tag names on much of it!

Shropshire Council have now been notified of this incident.

Whilst there may be an innocent reason behind this’deposit’, if anyone does know of a family where an Emily Rose, ‘baby Janey’; Kenny [aka baby Kenny?] or Indiana may have received presents; or who the givers – Dean, Jade, Jessica, Talia or Uncle Leroy or Aunt Kerry may be, then please consider letting them know it’s been dumped there – in case they wish to arrange its removal; or let Shropshire Council know their details, so that they may investigate further.

This case of fly-tipping was also covered in the Shropshire Star – ‘The tree still had the decorations on!’