Shropshire Climate Action Partnership (SCAP)

 SCAP is a not-for-profit organisation set up to represent the communities, enterprises, councils and Non-Government Organisations (NGOs) of Shropshire, dedicated to ensuring that Shropshire achieves net zero carbon by 2030.

 SCAP is bringing together organisations, businesses, and communities across Shropshire, through collaboration, knowledge-sharing and empowerment.  Their first aim is to develop a practical zero carbon Shropshire plan (ZCSP) by the end of 2020, and they are seeking input from all communities.

SCAP has set up working groups that are pulling together plans for Shropshire, and want to draw on all the excellent ideas and actions that already exist across our county.  The information that is being sought is anything that is already being done or is planned to reduce carbon emissions locally, or to mitigate climate change matters, i.e. solar panels on properties, tree planting schemes, reducing car use etc.

 The Shropshire Climate Action Partnership is interested to hear about work that has been done in the past, also anything that is scheduled, or what your aspirations are for your town or villages in the near future in mitigating or reducing your carbon footprint to zero. 

They are also keen to hear from anyone who may like to get involved in one of the working groups, or simply would like to keep in touch with the work of SCAP and learn more. 

Anyone interested can visit to learn more and sign up as a supporter.