Hodnet Co Co Needs Your Help!

Hodnet’s Compassionate Community (Co Co) project has been running in this area for nearly five years. A small group of volunteers support some of the isolated, lonely and vulnerable people in our village and the wider locality covered by Hodnet Medical Practice, with a home visit for an hour a week.

See our web page on this site for more information.

Co-Co Logo

The project needs to find someone who has just a few hours a week to spare working from home on the administration side of the project. This person needs to be of integrity, sympathetic to the aims of the project, to be computer-savvy and able to co-ordinate occasional volunteer trainings and meetings, and be responsible to ensure that DBS checks and visit reports are up to date.

If you would like to know more about the nitty-gritty, please chat to Mary Hardy on 01952 540970 or by email: coco@hodnet.org.uk.

(If you aren’t an organiser but like the sound of visiting someone who would welcome a friendly chat on a regular basis, then we are going to need more volunteers too. Mary can explain how you can sign up for this as well.)