Wollerton’s Platinum Jubilee Street Party

Thanks to a recently revitalised Wollerton Village Room group, Wollerton got together to organise its own street party on Sunday 5th June 2022 – to mark the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

God bless you, Ma’am.

Despite fears of a poor turnout due to the weather forecast, and rather unpleasant working conditions for the team setting up the planned [and last minute extra] gazebos in the morning, in the end the rain abated. Notwithstanding the rain, we were rather thankful it wasn’t windy, as there was nothing that could really be done to anchor the gazebos down!

With a few last minute hitches with missing gazebo parts and a music IT glitch, all was finally ready and…. hurrah, a good number of people turned out for the event; with neighbours old and new mingling in an unusual setting to mark a unique moment in history – and after two years of Covid restrictions it all felt quite……liberating!

Whilst special thanks are due to the organisers, thanks are also due to all who attended and entered into the spirit of the occasion – as without them the event would not have been a success.

Some photos are included recording the progress of the day. Others can be seen on the Wollerton Village Room’s Facebook page. If you were there and have others you’d like to add, please send them to the webmaster.

1st Gazebos are up
A troublesome extra gazebo – where are the right bits?
Getting there !
Testing Testing!
5 mins to go!
All ready – but will it stop raining? and will anyone come?
Still raining, but people start arriving.
Party in full swing
Trying a game
Rain has stopped, specially closed road now in full use!