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New Reading Group?

Do you like books?
Would you like to share/discuss them with like minded people at a monthly or bi-monthly get together?
If the answer to the above is ‘Yes’, perhaps you would like to help establish a new Hodnet Reading Group?
Expressions of interest are sought by e-mailing your name, address and phone number to Sally Underwood at email P.S. Market Drayton Library have a scheme to provide multiple copies of books to local Reading Groups, so there is no intention of members buying books.

Hodnet to Marchamley Path – Questionnaire Results

The results of the recently issued questionnaire, seeking residents views on a proposed Hodnet to Marchamley permissive path, were unveiled at the last Parish Council meeting.
With around 24% of issued questionnaires returned and an overall 91% vote in favour, the Council’s view was that sufficient support has been shown to warrant the project moving to the next stage; that is the drawing up of detailed proposals/designs, draft legal agreements and costings – all for further consideration. The Council expressed their thanks to the Hodnet Footpath Group and agreed to give its support to them in taking this matter forward.
Your support for this project could make all the difference, so:
a/ if your household has not yet returned its form, it can still be sent to The Clerk
b/ anyone with an interest in seeing this project succeed should offer practical support by joining the Footpath Group  – a small friendly group of individuals with an interest in local paths and walking. Membership is free; all that is asked is that you take part in group activities, whether that be meetings, walks or work parties – and at a level that suits your interests/abilities.
The questionnaire results can be viewed in full here:
Hodnet to Marchamley Permissive Path Questionnaire Results Dec 2011                

Fancy a walk?

The Hodnet Footpath Group are holding their next local footpath walk on, November 20th 2011 – Note change of date.
We will be leaving from Lyon Hall at 10.00 AM, and walking around the Wollerton Wood area.
As a friendly local group, we welcome walkers of all ages/abilities – so why not come along.
Walks usually take about 2 hours though at 6.5 miles this may take nearer 3 hours. Please bring a snack/drink and suitable clothing.
For more information please email Mary Hardy

New '101' non-emergency police number

The Police now have a new standard telephone number for the public to use to contact their local force in non-emergency situations.
It’s intended to be simple to remember, as 101, and calls to it cost a standard 15p per call – irrespective of the time of day or the duration of the call.
In an emergency* you should still call 999
More information can be found at
*Examples of an emergency situation include: when a crime is in progress; when someone suspected of a crime is nearby; when there is a danger to life or when violence is being used or threatened.

Hodnet to Marchamley footpath? Council seeks views.

This week the Parish Council are issuing a short questionnaire to households in the core areas of Marchamley and Hodnet, seeking their views on a possible new ‘permissive’ footpath between the two settlements.
Residents will be aware that the current roadside pavements between Hodnet and its neighbouring settlements of Marchamley and Wollerton are incomplete, making walking directly between them a hazardous experience .  This issue was raised in the Parish Plan, where one of the most positive responses was in relation to a question asking ‘would creation of a Hodnet to Marchamley (and Hodnet to Wollerton) pavement or footpath make walking easier/more enjoyable?
Having already investigated the possibility of new roadside pavements, the Council is aware that the high costs of building them (to meet regulations) coupled with a lack of suitable highway land rules out that option. However, working with the Hodnet Footpath Group, the Council is now looking at the possibility of creating new low cost ‘permissive’ paths over adjacent private land, i.e. paths built behind the roadside hedge.
Because of its shorter length and the need to only involve one landowner (who has indicated agreement in principle), the Marchamley to Hodnet project has been selected for initial consideration. The proposed path would run between the current Marchamley roadside pavement (at Eastlands) to join the existing Hodnet roadside pavement at ‘Sandybank’.
Before such a scheme can progress any further more detailed evidence of local support, and the expected type/frequency of use, is required; not least to assist in the necessary grant applications that would have to be sought to fund the work. A short questionnaire has therefore been drawn up and issued to households in those areas of the parish felt most likely to be able to use such a path.  
A good response to this questionnaire is key to moving this project forward, so if you have received one please take a few moments to complete and return it. If you live in Hodnet or Marchamley and haven’t received one by the the start of next week, please contact the Clerk to the Council – Mrs Maryjayne Rees Tel: 01630-685745 or email.

Hodnet's Speed Camera

Those residents who are concerned about vehicles speeding along the main road through Hodnet will be pleased to hear that, from 1st August 2011, a regime of speed camera enforcement has been agreed.
West Mercia Safer Roads Partnership announced the decision last week, after having undertaken a period of traffic speed monitoring near the school. The results showed that some 64% of vehicles passing the sample point exceeded the 30 MPH limit.
Last Saturday’s Shropshire Star (page 10) carried the news in some detail; but in short agreement has been reached on a suitable location for random visits by a mobile speed camera van, which will be located on Shrewsbury Street.

Hodnet Footpath Group

The next meeting of the footpath group is taking place in the Jasper room of the Bear Hotel, Hodnet.
We will be discussing our next group walk, general group activities and projects before taking a brief walk along the old Railway Line – weather permitting, to hopefully to see some of the fauna for which it is best known, the elusive Glow Worms.
We are a friendly informal group, new participants welcome – just turn up on the night or call Angus Taylerson (01630 685860) or Mary Hardy (01952 540970) for further information.

Footpath Group Walk

Have you ever wanted to explore some of the beautiful countryside that surrounds where we live, but never got around to it? Well the next Hodnet Footpath Group’s ‘group walk’ provides such an opportunity!
Non-members are invited to join our friendly group for a walk in the area to the North of Wollerton to Marchamley; returning via Hodnet and the old railway line. We will be leaving from Wollerton Social Club (Mill Road) at 10.30 AM, with an expected duration of around 2  1/2 hours – bring a snack/lunch, to suit.
For further details call Bruce Risdon on 01630 685630 or Mary Hardy on 01952 540970.

Clerk to Parish Council Hands Over

At last weeks Parish Council meeting, Steve Howell-Jones handed over the position of Clerk to his successor, Maryjane Rees.
Chairman of the Council, Mr Michael Morgan, whilst presenting Steve with a small token of the Councils’ appreciation; said that he doubted there was enough time available to list Steve’s many contributions to the Council’s work during the last 10 years he has held the post, but that Steve’s dedication to the task was widely recognised and keenly appreciated. In turn he wished Maryjayne ‘every success’ in her new role.

Steve receiving his boxed set of Haydn Symphonies and the Bohm Mozart Symphonies
Steve expressed delight at his gift alongside surprise at its appropriateness – suspecting his wife Barbara, who had come along to witness what he had been getting up to all these years, of passing ‘insider information’ to the Chairman.
The new Clerk, Maryjayne Rees, can be contacted on 01630 685745 or email P.S. The author hopes the quality of Steve’s CD’s is better than that of the photo – for which my apologies!