Author: Sarah

Fix my Street!

Shropshire Council is encouraging residents to report issues of concern via the website

Reporting anything is a very straightforward process. Typing in a postcode brings up a good map of the area so that the issue of concern can be marked. There is a comprehensive ‘tick box’ list of categories – Abandoned vehicles, Bus stops, Car parking, Dog fouling, … Pavements/footpaths, Potholes, …Other. Users are encouraged to add a photo of the problem – issues with photos are apparently likely to be resolved more quickly. Users are required to put in some personal information but, from my own experience, this doesn’t generate a mass of ‘rubbish’ correspondence, just allows confirmation that the issue has been logged.

The process is simple and quick to do. We all have things we like to grumble about so let’s actually report them! A flood of reports about and photos of the same potholes might get them fixed sooner.

Click on this link to go directly to the website:

Hodnet Parish News

The October edition of the parish magazine is currently being delivered to all households in the Parish. Accompanying it this month is an envelope marked ‘Parish Survey’. Every five years the Parish Council must review and renew its Parish Plan, which helps to shape the decisions taken within the community. That time has come again and, in order that the Parish Council remains informed about what the priorities are for the community, you are strongly encouraged to have your say by completing as much as possible of the survey to enable your opinions to be taken into account.

There is more information about the survey in the Hodnet Parish News.

A web-based version of this survey may be completed and submitted online, via this link.

Alternatively, you can download and print a copy of the survey here:

Volunteers sought to share views about Shropshire’s highways service

Shropshire residents are being asked to help with work to improve Shropshire’s roads, by volunteering to take part in some research.

Shropshire Council and its contractors are working hard to improve the county’s highways and make them safer for all road users. As part of this work volunteers are being sought to suggest and talk about changes they would like to see made to the council’s highways service, and the ways the county’s roads and pavements are maintained.

Anyone interested in taking part, or finding out more, is asked to register their name and contact details here.

Hodnet Highways Depot set to close

Shropshire Council has announced plans to close two of its five highways depots, as part of plans to further improve the council’s highways maintenance service.

Under the proposals, the depots at Bridgnorth and Hodnet would close, with operations continuing at the three main depots in Whittington, Shrewsbury and Craven Arms.

No jobs would be lost.

No timescale for the closures has been given.