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Looking for a friend from the 1960s

We have received an email from Derick Hare asking if we could help find a friend whom he worked with in the 1960s.
Back then they both worked in a garage in Market Drayton. Derick’s lost friend was called Richard Williams and he was living in Marchamley at the time. Derick says, “I would love to hear from him and know what he’s been upto after all these years.”
Richard if you read this and would please email the webmaster and we will pass your contact details on to Derick. If anyone else has any news of Richard which might help Derick get back in touch with his lost friend, please let us know.

Lively Public Meeting – Housing Development

Around 60 people attended the public meeting organised by the Parish Council on Friday 13, July in the Lyon Hall. In addition there were seven members of the Parish Council present along with Maryjayne Rees (Clerk), Karen Calder (Shropshire County Councillor), Graham Tongue (Leverhulme Estates), Tony Barton (Donald Insall Associates Architects) and Jo Lovelady (Strutt & Parker Agents).
Before the meeting people were able to examine the plans and other documentation associated with the planning application.
The meeting was chaired by John Powell who introduced the issue under consideration, namely the proposal to build 50 dwellings on land to the east of Shrewsbury Street and how the Parish Council should respond to it. The Parish Council had been given an extension by the Planning Dept. and needed to provide their comments by Tuesday 17 July. (NB Members of the public now have until 25 July to respond.) Derek Hodge, Vice Chairman, then outlined the Parish Council’s draft response. This was, in brief, that whilst they supported the proposals in principle, they had reservations about several aspects of them. These included the small size of some of the dwellings, the lack of parking spaces, garages and storage and the absence of street lighting. They also intended to ask for clarification on the provision of a direct foot route to Shrewsbury St., who would be responsible for the maintenance of the amenity area and assurance that the affordable housing component would be allocated to local people in perpetuity.
It was then intended that the meeting should hear from all those who prior to 7.00pm had booked five minute slots  in order to express their views. Instead the first speaker, Mr Rechten (Hodnet Action Group), asked that those around the table should first take questions. Initially Tony Barton responded with comments on the architectural brief for the development. He also apologised for not being able to stay until the end of the meeting.
Following this, the meeting did not take the intended course. Most of the speakers from the floor were opposed to the development in its current form. Just one person spoke in favour of the proposals and did so passionately. They felt the development was needed for securing the future of village businesses, etc. Those who objected had two main areas of concern. The first was that both the historical and recent “consultation procedures” had been flawed. There was some confusion over the status of the current “Site Allocations and Management of Development” (SAMDev) consultation and its relevance to the current planning application. There was also concern that a response by the Medical Centre had been misrepresented in the application. Dr Mehta explained that whilst they had a statutory duty to accept all residents in the area as patients, the estimated number of additional patients from the fifty new dwellings would put severe pressure on the practice. The Chairman said that these concerns were outside the scope of the meeting, but this was not universally accepted by a large section of those present.
The other main concern was the density of the proposed housing and whether it was appropriate for a rural village setting. Derek Hodge said this was the issue underlying all the Parish Council’s comments about parking spaces, garages and storage space as well as the size of some of the dwellings. Nevertheless strong opinions were expressed by many people to the effect that there were too many properties being squeezed onto the three pieces of land covered by the proposals. People had concerns over a number of issues arising from the density of the housing, one of the main ones being the increase in traffic levels.
Towards the end of the meeting Karen Calder, who had earlier done her best to try to explain the present position of the planning process, offered to arrange a meeting between interested parties and Shropshire CC planning officials. Those who could be invited to attend would include representatives of the landowners, the Parish Council and the Hodnet Action Group. She gave the impression that this might aim to explore whether it were possible to negotiate a reduction in the density of the estate.
It was pointed out that there was still time for members of the public to respond both to the planning application and the SAMDev consultation. However, both of these should be done within the next few days. See here for details of how to do so.
After the Chairman closed the public meeting, the Parish Council held an extraordinary meeting to finalise the Council’s response. When they had done this, Derek Hodge read the draft text to everyone including the members of the public who had stayed behind to hear it. In summary he said:

Hodnet Parish Council supports in principle the planning application. However the Council considers that the scale and density of the proposal is not appropriate for Hodnet. In addition they had the following concerns:

  • That the 19, three bedroom houses are too small;
  • The lack of garaging, parking and storage – 1.5 parking spaces is inadequate, regulations require sufficient storage for modern family requirements;
  • It should be noted that the Medical Centre could not easily accommodate the extra patients;
  • That there should be the provision of cabling for street lighting in the area and that any lighting should be the latest low wattage type and be directional to eliminate light pollution;
  • There should be pavements on both sides of the access road;
  • It should be determined in the planning approval how the amenity area should be maintained;
  • The provision of affordable housing must be local priority and must be a condition of planning approval being granted.


Large numbers of glow-worms sighted

Despite the poor weather over the previous 48 hours, those who went on the mid-summer day glow-worm walk, organised by the Hodnet Footpaths Group, had a rewarding evening.
[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q_6ntWvoxKQ&w=512] The six people who went along spotted the colony’s highest count of displaying females this year. Fifty-nine individuals in all were seen – not the all-time record, but certainly a sign of a good population.
For more information on glow-worms see the UK Glow-worm Survey website.
Anyone interested in joining a future glow-worm walk should contact the Footpaths Group’s secretary by email.
Update: A second walk the following Friday counted 65 displaying females, putting the first week’s count in the shade.

Changes at the Lyon Hall

The Lyon Hall has successfully applied to the local county council for a premises licence. This means that alcohol may now be sold between 10.00am and 12.00pm Monday – Saturday and Sundays 10.00 till 11.00pm, without the need to apply for a separate Temporary Events Notice. (TENs)
We hope that by making things easier for the hirers, the hall will become more attractive to potential users or groups who wish to hold a meeting or event where the sale of alcohol would add to the proceedings.
For users who wish to sell alcohol later than 12.00pm there is still the opportunity to apply (with the permission of the Lyon Hall committee) for a licence in their own right.  Please note that the building is limited to ten TENS licences per year and is strictly monitored.
To book the Hall or for further information please contact Mrs F Bennett on 01630 685213

Shropshire Community Messaging

Shropshire Community Messaging is a computerised communication system run by Shropshire Division of West Mercia Police. The service offers local residents, neighbourhood watch co-ordinators, businesses, farms, schools and partnerships information and alerts about crimes, incidents and events in their local area.
The service exists in the hope that by improving the flow of information between the community and its police it can make a greater impact in the prevention and detection of crime and anti-social behaviour. More details can be found on their website.
The service is free to everyone and you can choose to receive information by SMS text, Voice message or email.
The messages seem to come in batches, perhaps it is operated by part-time or voluntary staff, but they do contain information relevant to the Hodnet area. We will do our best to forward relevant information on via this website as soon as possible, but we suggest you sign up for personal alerts if you wish to receive the information as soon as possible.

New website pages for 2nd Hodnet Scout Group

The 2nd Hodnet Scout Group continues to go from strength to strength thanks to the hard work and commitment of the commitee and the leaders, with the support of the local community.
Less than a year ago the Scouts had closed down and the Beavers were down to an unsustainable 2 members. The scouts are up and running again and the Beavers are now 20 in number; fantastic. As part of the continued growth of 2nd Hodnet Scouts, the group now has its own section on this website. To view these new pages click here.

Toy Dog Show Ring Training at the Lyon Hall

Our aim is to assist prospective dog show competitors in learning how to handle their dogs in the show ring. Also for people to bring their puppies to teach them show ring manners. We also give assistance in filling in show entry forms and give all general advice as asked.
At our meetings we have coffee  and chat, answer questions etc. We then have a basic show training, acting just as we would in a proper show ring. Many of our members have been awarded Championship certificates for their stock. We also have a number of show judges including Championship Show judges and some judges that judge internationally.
We meet once a week on a Wednesday night  7-7.30pm and we like to wind up at 8.45 or thereabouts. We have around 30 members but people do come and go.
Toy dog training is really our forte, although we have had larger dogs in the past. If anyone wishes to join us they should call Anne Mann on 01630-653570. There is no joining fee but the charge for an evening is £2.00 per dog.

An invitation to all local residents

Meres & Mosses
Meres and Mosses Housing Association, invite all residents from Hodnet and the surrounding area to a weekly get together. It is a chance to meet new people and get advice and support on housing related matters, benefit advice and any other issues that local people need support with.
The meeting takes place every Thursday from 2.00 to 4.00pm in the Meadows Community Room.
For full details please see the full entry on our Regular Events page.

The work of your local Parish Council

The Parish Council meets appropriately every 6 weeks to discuss a diverse range of issues such as street lighting, Hodnet recreation ground, footpaths, litter bins, car parking, road traffic issues, anti social behaviour, assistance to local groups and charities, planning applications, and any other matters that may arise.  e.g. sponsoring the Parish Plan and (in 2010) funding the creation of the Hodnet website and recently providing disabled parking spaces both in the car park and at the front of the Lyon Hall
Where a matter under discussion is not within our direct responsibility, we will make representations to those who do have responsibility for it. For example, we provide formal comment on all local planning applications to Shropshire Council and maintain regular contact with our local Shropshire Councillor, Karen Calder.
To assist us in our work we also have  a few sub committees that give special attention to particular topics such as our Planning and  Recreation Ground sub-committees. A full list of all the councillors and contact details together with details for the Parish Clerk are available  on the notice board outside the Lyon Memorial Hall and also on the Notice board located at the Post office.
Details and Agenda for forthcoming meetings are also displayed on these notice boards.
Members of the public are encouraged to raise any issues of local concern with the Council, either via an approach to individual councillors or to the Clerk.
The public are welcome to attend meetings of the council but should note that they cannot normally participate in the meeting itself. However where a matter is clearly of great local concern, or perhaps in response to a specific request, it is our practice to temporarily suspend the formal meeting to allow members of the public to address  the councillors.
The Clerk Mrs Maryjayne Rees