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An Active Village Hall

“An active village hall can greatly improve the life of the community”. – Shropshire rural county council 

The Lyon Hall
2011 was quite a busy year at the Lyon Hall. The smaller rooms were the most popular during the daytime but the large room was booked most evenings and some weekends.
We had WI meetings, Scouts and guides events including a ceilidh and the cheese and wine event in October was very successful, raising over £700 for the maintenance of the building.
Table top sale
The table top sale in December needed more support (spread the word for next year) but there were plenty of bacon butties sold to raise a profit.
The large room at the Lyon Hall is an excellent space for larger gatherings and is regularly used for practise by a competitive ball room dancing couple.
Making bacon butties
A Dog Showing enthusiasts group also use the large room to teach the dogs and owners showing and ring skills.
Hodnet and district Garden Club is an active and long running club which meets at the Lyon Hall every third Tuesday in the month. It held its popular Annual show at the hall, in August. To visit their website and learn more click here.
Slimming world meetings helped us lose weight and eat healthily while Zumba classes kept us fit and athletic. The quiz evenings exercised our brains and had the added bonus of £20 as first prize.
Maintenance and repairs.
We have undertaken some repairs to the roof tiles and guttering and repaired the fence posts around the path. The handrail at the disabled entrance has been repaired and we are currently replacing the oil tank which was vandalised in November. We will also be improving the security to prevent this happening again.
The upkeep of the hall is an ongoing project and the committee are keen to maintain and improve the facilities available to its users. We greatly value your opinions so if you have any suggestions for the halls  improvement please contact us at the Lyon Hall  email Our web site is currently being updated but can be viewed here

A tribute to some of the people of Hodnet

The Parish of Hodnet - CoverSo reads the heading on the back cover of Gerald Mothershaw’s latest addition to his personal archive of the history of the area. His new book, The Parish of Hodnet, features the lives some of the distinguished people of Hodnet who lived between 818 AD and the present. It has just been published and is on sale at £9.99, with the profits from it sale being donated to St Luke’s parish church in Hodnet.
Gerald says “I suppose it’s rounding off the history of Hodnet” adding, “I thought I would write about some of the notable people of the village.” On the back of the book he states, “I have always been very interested In local history but a tremendous amount of Hodnet’s early history was lost by the Roundheads In 1644 when they destroyed all the Parish Registers and records in the Rector’s library.” His hope is that readers will find the book interesting and that it will bring back happy memories to older readers.
Hodnet residents from the past who feature in the book include:

The Unknown Visitor, Elizabeth Vernon, Richard Heber, Bishop Reginald Heber, Mary Cholmondeley, Dr. Waiter Hall M.R.C.S. L.R.C.P., Brigadier Algernon George William Heber-Percy, Rev. J. H. Parsons M.C., Rev. S. Parkinson B.O., F.P.H. (Eng), Eva Starkey and Alwlne Joan Franke.

The first chapter is a story reported in 1839, about a wealthy and mysterious visitor to the village who married a local girl. Another recalls the brief life of Elizabeth Vernon who married Henry Wriothesley, Earl of Southampton, to whom Shakepeare dedicated his poem The Rape of Lucrece. Reginald Heber (1783 – 1826) was the Anglican Bishop of Calcutta and is now remembered chiefly as a hymn-writer – his works include “Holy, holy, holy, Lord God Almighty!” and “From Greenland’s icy mountains”. A chapter contributed by Eva Starkey features an account of childhood in the village between the wars.
This is the tenth book written by Gerald who is now 76, of which all but one have been on various aspects of the history of the parish – the odd one out gave insights into “My Successful Methods for Growing Exhibition Vegetables”. Over the years he estimates he has raised over £20,000 for charities and good causes through the sale of his books. This latest one can be purchased from Hodnet Post Office, Hart to Hart in  Stafford St., Market Drayton and the publishers YouCaxton Publishing, Frankwell Quay, Shrewsbury.
Gerald has no plans to retire from writing. He says he is planing a book which will explain why the location of Hodnet was chosen as a settlement when people settled in the vicinity for the first time, and will develop the account through to the present.

Wollerton URC Treasure Hunt 2011

Treasure hunters enjoy tea together
One of the hottest days of the year (Sunday 26th June) saw approximately fifteen carloads of local residents and friends set off on the annual car treasure hunt ably organised by Rachel Harrington and her team. This year’s route took those who followed it successfully through Hodnet, Peplow, Great Bolas, Ercall Heath, Howle, Childs Ercall and Stoke-on-Tern before returning to Wollerton Bowling Club for a hard-earned buffet tea.
As ever, the well-designed cryptic clues left some participants going round in circles well off the intended route. It was possible to collect 136 points through a combination of correct answers, right mileage and acquiring six “treasures”. Whilst some teams struggled to get anywhere near this total, the winning team scored 106, closely followed by second place with 99 and third with 95.
Well done to everyone who took part, newcomers as well as old hands.

Glow-worm hunters' late night rewarded

After the recent Hodnet Footpaths Group meeting on 23rd June, Niall Gallivan motivated an expedition to the disused railway track to look for Hodnet’s glow-worm colony. The group consisted of some members of the Footpaths Group along with family and friends, and was led by Wendy Roberts (and her faithful jogging companion Maggie May) who has helped Shropshire Countryside staff to monitor glow-worms numbers in this area for some years.
The colony is found along the old railway track in the section north-east of Station Road. It was a cold breezy night and the sun did not set until 10.30. In spite of the fears that it might be too cold or too light for us to see anything, patience was rewarded and 6 glowing females were spotted by members of the group. Unfortunately they were low down in the grass, which made photographing them even more difficult.
Female glow-worms only display in this way during the mating season from mid June to mid July. For more information, see our wild-life page here, or the glow-worm website at www.glowworms.org.uk where you can find much better pictures than these!

Without a flash a shaky glow was the best result
With a flash the dark patch in the centre was all that showed

Hodnet fun day exceeds expectations.

On Saturday 21st May a ‘Fun Day’ organised by the 2nd Hodnet scout group took place in warm late spring sunshine on Hodnet Recreation Ground. The Event was instigated by a dire need to encourage new members to the Beavers pack, which was on the verge of folding (see, Beavers on the brink of extinction). On the day, eight new Beavers said they would like to give it a go,  seven turned up on Tuesday evening, bringing the pack number up to a more sustainable nine members. More new members, both boys and girls are very welcome.
The afternoons activities, which included an obstacle course, caving and rock climbing, were very well organised and run with the Brownies and the Cubs working very hard.  Around 150 people enjoyed the afternoon in a relaxed family atmosphere. The fun continued on into the evening with a ceilidh held at the Lion Hall, to which around eighty people came. Keri Coates, the new group scout leader, was very pleased with the turnout and delighted with the number of new recruits to the Beaver pack, which included a new leader. Andrew Lockely, the Chair of the scout commitee,  said that ‘the day had gone so well, there were already plans to run another day next year.’
Although the main purpose of the day was not for fund raising, around £200 was raised.
As a footnote, the Hodnet scout group are hoping to restart the scout pack in the near future. Leaders are in place and all that is required are scouts. If you think you might be interested then contact Keri on: 07786 158064.

Local Charity, Hodnet 2000 Dinner Dance

Local charity Hodnet 2000 held its annual Dinner Dance at Hawkstone Park Hotel on Saturday 2nd April 2011 to help raise money in support of local young people needing financial assistance to purchase books, the cost of essential equipment or extra curricular needs.
The evening began with a three course meal and games hosted by Dr James Mehta and his wife Ros (reminiscent of Paul Daniels and his glamorous assistant Debbie McGee). Stand up bingo went down very well as did heads and tails – Both very competitive with everyone joining in & some cheating went on – all in the best of spirit of course!!
There was plenty of time for coffee and a chat which then lead nicely into the Disco for the evening.
Dancing went on well into the night with everyone disappointed when the night came to a close.
The venue proved to be perfect for a “Spring ball” with views over the beautiful Golf course and a veranda for those wanting a break from the excitement of the evening.

Showcase of Musical Talent Success!

On the evening of Saturday 12th March, Hodnet 2000 Educational Trust hosted a ‘Showcase of Musical Talent’ at the Lyon Hall, Hodnet. The show featured young people from around the local area, including many students from the Thomas Adams School, Wem. The audience were treated to performances from the school’s senior choir, various instrumental soloists and a variety of other vocal acts. There were also performances by students from the Grove School at Market Drayton. Many of the audience members commented on how professional the performers were and that they were pleasantly surprised to see so many talented young people giving up their time to support a local charity.
Hodnet 2000 Educational Trust was started at the turn of the millennium to support young people under the age of 25 from the parish of Hodnet, Weston under Redcastle and Peplow with their education, training and development. Despite being in existence for 11 years it was felt that many local people were unaware of what the Trust had to offer so the event was arranged to improve the profile of the charity and showcase the abilities of local young people. The comments from the audience suggest that the event has been successful in this respect.
The trustees of the charity noted that it would not have been possible to stage the event without the extensive support of the music departments of both the Thomas Adams School and the Grove School.
For more information on Hodnet 2000 Educational Trust please see our Local Charities page.