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Parish Council’s frustration over Station Road Post Box

Hodnet Parish CouncilSince the post box was removed from Station Road, following the closure of the Post Office, Hodnet Parish Council has been campaigning to get it reinstated.
The Parish Council has repeatedly written to the Post Office pointing out the need for a post box in this area and explaining that, being a residential area with a high percentage of older residents, it is these very people who are more likely to use and require a post box.
A petition was completed and the Parish Council sent to Owen Patterson MP to take forward on behalf of the residents of Station Road and it’s subsidiary roads of The Meadows, The Crescent and Webster Lane.
Unfortunately none of these complaints have prompted an action from the Post Office who maintain that their regulatory requirements are to provide a post-box within half a mile of at least 98% of all ‘delivery points’ (usually a customer’s letter-box) and so they are not required to reinstall the post box which they removed.
After 12 months of campaigning and the matter being referred to the Post Offices’s Senior Public Affairs Manager it seems that this issue will not be resolved in favour of the people in the Station Road area, much to their frustration and that of the Parish Council.

LJC: Public Meeting to Discuss Car Park Charges

Shropshire Council LogoThe Parish Clerk has been informed that the Market Drayton and Rural Areas Local Joint Committee has arranged a public meeting to discuss the proposed rise in and restructuring of car park charges in Shropshire.
The meeting will take place on Wednesday 13th September, starting at 7:00pm. The venue is the Festival Drayton Centre, Market Drayton.
If you have any questions about the meeting please contact the Parish Clerk.
More information about the proposed changes and how to contribute to the on-line consultation can be found here: Consultation into proposed parking changes.

Local Elections Update

Last week Shropshire Council published nominations lists for this year’s local elections which will take place on Thursday 4th May.

Hodnet Parish Council

Only eight people have stood for election to our Parish Council.
Hodnet Parish Council ElectionsThese are:

  • Karen Dale Calder
  • Alan David Cope
  • Chris Mackie
  • John Leslie Parker
  • John Henry Powell
  • Maryjayne Rees
  • John David Roberts
  • Howard Trevor

Because this number is less than the eleven places available, the Returning Officer has issued a Notice of Uncontested Election, available here, which states that the above people have been duly elected to Hodnet Parish Council.
Whilst it is disappointing that so few people were willing to stand for election to the Parish Council, there is still an opportunity for others to come forward to fulfil this vital community role. This is because from 4th May 2017 the Parish Council have the power to co-opt any qualified person to fill the vacant seats. The legislation which grants this ability sets a time limit of 35 working days (i.e. excluding weekends and Bank Holidays) for additional members to be co-opted onto the Parish Council. Please seriously consider if you could contribute to the life of this community through becoming a Parish Councillor.
To find out more about the responsibilities of Parish Councillors and how they benefit the community, please contact the current Chairman, Chris Mackie. You can telephone Chris on 01630 685483 or contact him via email. In February Chris published this call for new Parish Councillors which you may also find it helpful to read. Please remember that there is a time limit for new members to be recruited, so if you are interested please contact Chris Mackie soon.

Shropshire Council

There are just two candidates seeking to be our next representative on Shropshire Council.
These are:

  • Karen Dale Calder of Wollerton (Conservative Party Candidate)
  • Charles Henry Warren Love of Market Drayton (Labour Party Candidate)

Full details are on the official Statement of Persons Nominated which can be accessed here.
Update 20 April: The “Notice of Pole” can be downloaded here.

One Week to the Annual Parish Meeting!

Hodnet Parish CouncilOne week to go to the Annual Parish Meeting, where we will hear from representatives of the County Council, the Parish Council, the local school, local charities, the Lyon Hall and the Hodnet Medical Centre Patients Group.
There will be opportunities to meet the representatives afterwards and put your questions directly to them over a cup of tea.
It is also your chance to find out more about the role of a Parish Councillor and how you could help the community by becoming one.
The Annual Parish Meeting takes place in the Lyon Hall on Thursday 16th March, starting at 7:30pm. See here.
Hodnet Parish Council Elections
More information about the upcoming Parish Council Election can be found here.

Hodnet Parish Council Elections

Hodnet Parish Council Elections
Chris Mackie, Chairman of Hodnet Parish Council, writes:

Help make the Hodnet Area a better place to live.

In May this year there will be an excellent opportunity for a number of local
residents to make a real difference by helping your community in a worthwhile
and rewarding way
The Parish Council is comprised of ordinary people who live in the community who wish to make sure that the best interests of us all are represented.
The role is open to all, provided that you are over 18 and a British or EEC citizen.
No other role gives you the chance to make such a huge difference to the quality of life for the people in your local area.
We need the Council to represent everybody regardless of age, gender and background.
Councillors are appointed for a four year term and the current term ends in May this year.
Council meetings are typically held in the evening, at the Lyon Hall, every six weeks.
Applying is easy.
You can learn more by:

  • Calling me on 01630 685483 or via email
  • Talk to one of your Councillors (list here)
  • Download this leaflet
  • Come and have a cuppa at our Annual Parish Meeting which will be held in March at the Lyon Hall – date to be confirmed.

Chris Mackie


 N.B. The leaflet linked to above is designed to be printed on both sides of an A4 sheet and folded to A5. Therefore pages 4 & 1 are on the first side whilst 2 & 3 are on the second.