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Newspaper cutting April 1976: Dr and Mrs Harvey receive flowers from Fiona Mehta.

Village says farewell to doctor

The, Lyon Hall at Hodnet was packed to the doors when patients of a Hodnet doctor turned up at a reception to mark his retirement.

Dr Kenneth Harvey retired from his Hodnet practice on Wednesday. He has been looking after patients in the village and in a wide surrounding area for 42 years.

His patients, he is a friend to every one of them, turned up in one large crowd to pay tribute to their family doctor, and had donated a total of £909 to a testimonial fund organised by Mrs Margaret Mehta.


Mr A. E. H. Heber-Percy presented Harvey with a cheque for £775 out of which Harvey has already bought a greenhouse, an armchair and a settee.

One of Dr Harvey’s oldest patients, Mr Charles Gatensbury, presented him with a crate of 12 bottles of whisky.

Mr Heber-Percy handed to him his first year’s subscription and membership card for Hodnet Senior Citizens’Club. He also presented Mrs Barbara Harvey with a tea-maker. Fiona Mehta, (6) Dr Harvey’s godchild, presented Mrs Harvey with a bouquet of carnations.

Mrs D. Stanier presented Mrs Mehta with a bouquet.

A round of applause greeted Dr and Mrs Harvey and members of their family as they entered the crowded hall. In his welcome Mr Heber-Percy said that he could not remember seeing such a large crowd in the Lyon Hall.


It must be a tribute to Ken’s medical skill that so many of his original patients are still running around – sort of 40 years tested.”

Mr Gatensbury recalled Dr Harvey coming to the village from St Bart’s Hospital, London.

“The first thing he did was to join the cricket club and in his first innings he made 50 runs,” he recalled.

Dr Harvey, he said, was a wonderful man and a number of people who were at the reception had been brought into the world by him. Handing over the cheque, Mr Herber-Percy said, “We feel you have done wonderful service to us all”


The practice is being carried on by Dr Harvey’s partner, Dr Romesh Mehta.

In a brief speech of thanks Dr Harvey thanked all who had attended and for being so generous.

“I am glad to be leaving the practice in the hands of a very competent doctor,” he said.

Dr Harvey said afterwards that he would be continuing to live in Hodnet and would keep in contact with his friends. He would still conduct an occasional surgery for Dr. Mehta and would also be conducting locum surgeries in Shrewsbury.

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