Hodnet from the Air

Below are two sets of photographs of Hodnet taken from the air. We wonder if you can spot several changes in the village over the time between them.

This first set is thought to have been taken in or about 1980. There is an event taking place on the school playing field which could have been the May festival. It is not known if the helicopter they were taken from was visiting the event or just passing by. If you can remember more details of the day, please let us know. (Click on an image to see larger images.)

The second set was taken in 2007, but we know nothing more about the occasion.

This view of Hodnet from the sky was sent to the web team by Dr Philip J Naylor, grandson of James Naylor who was the Dispensing Chemist in Hodnet between 1934 & 1937.

Hodnet from the air probably taken in 1938
Hodnet from the air probably taken in 1938. It is of the main crossroads in the village viewed from above the road to Marchamley. The Bear, the Hundred House and the Church gates are all identifiable.