Local Memories

The following pages offer a brief glimpse into the history of the parish of Hodnet. This is not an attempt to give an exhaustive account of the area’s past. However, if anybody has any information (especially on areas not mentioned) or old photographs of life in the parish that they think may be of interest to others, please contact the web-team.

  • The Hodnet Scrapbook: Over the years a few local residents have collected newspaper cuttings and similar records of events in the lives of local people and communities.
  • Hodnet – A Miscellany of Memories: Around 1998 two local ladies collected together various memories of the Hodnet area. Called “Hodnet – A Miscellany of Memories”, this was a pre-computer, photocopied publication featuring the memories of local residents, newspaper cuttings and old photographs.
  • Memories of an Evacuee: Joe Cunningham’s Wartime Evacuation Experience.
  • Memories of Peplow: Geoff Fletcher writes of his experience growing up in Peplow.