Nostalgic Photographs

Courtesy Shropshire Star
1965: Hodnet school children being escorted across Drayton Road (by Mrs Wilma Owen) to have their lunch at the Lyon Hall

In this section we are looking to build up a collection of old photographs from the Hodnet area. We are looking for pictures of people, places and properties from around the Hodnet, Marchamley, Wollerton and Peplow areas. If you would like to contribute to the collection, below are guidelines on how you can do so. But first please enjoy the photographs and information we have already been provided with:

Alternatively, if you wish to just browse the photographs on their own, please see the following galleries.

How to contribute to this photographic archive.

Photographs can be black and white or coloured. Discoloured and faded images can be improved in a few simple steps on a computer. Any photograph from the earliest days of the box camera through to the end of the 1990s will be welcome. Photos of any subject will be appreciated and we will sort them into galleries by theme.

Ideally we would like to receive electronic versions, but if you do not have a scanner or are not confident in using one, then please email us with a brief description of what you have available (number of images, area, etc.) and your contact details. If we can,  we will arrange to have them scanned and return the originals to you.

If you are able to scan your own pictures, please follow the following guidelines and then email them to the address below.

Images should not be greater than 1200 by 900 pixels. If they were originally black and white, then please scan them in greyscale rather than full colour format.

If you want to retain the copyright on the images, please use graphic editing software to add a copyright notice to them (if you don’t have suitable software GIMP and Infraview are two freeware programmes that enable you to do this).

Once you have your images ready to send to us, please send them to this email address. Please attach no more than two photos to each email. You will receive an automatic acknowledgement for your first email in any seven day period.

Please also tell us something about each photograph in the email it is attached to. We also need you to provide us with your name and address and for you to make clear that you give the website team permission to publish the photographs on

We look forward to receiving your photographs.