Scrapbook – 1937 Coronation Celebrations

Hodnet Coronation Festivities
May 12th, 1937

2-0: Assembly and Parade of School
2-30: Children’s Sports.
3-45: Children’s Tea.
4-30: Children’s Sports (continued).
4-30—-6-0: Adult Tea.
6-0: Adult Sports.
8-0: Relay of the King’s Speech.
8-15: Distribution of Coronation Mugs and
Prizes by Mrs. Heber-Percy.
8-45: Whist Drive at Hodnet Hall. Admission 6d

“God Save the King.”

Coronation 1937 Timetable

l-80 Yards(boys and Girls)9——-11years
2.-Egg and Spoon Race (Girls) (Handicap).
3.-100 Yards (Boys and Girls), over 11 years (Handicap) .
4.-Back and Bucket Race (Boys).
5.-Skipping Race (Girls).
6.-Sack: Race (Boys).
7.-60 Yards Race (Infants).
8.-High Jump (Girls).
9.-Boat Race (Boys).
10.-Sack Race (Girls).
11.-High Jump (Boys).
12.-Blindfold Race (Boys and Girls).
13.-Cork and Needle Race (Girls).
14.-Musical Chairs on Bicycles (Boys).

1.-120 Yards Flat Race (Handicap) (Men).
2.-Sack Race (Men).
3.-Threading Needle (Man and Woman).
4.-120 Yards Handicap Race (Men over 60 years). Yards for Years.
5.-Dressing-Up Race (Open).
6.-Pillow Fight (Men).
7.-Egg and Spoon Race ‘(Women)
8.-High Jump (Women over 21).
9.-Tug-of-War (Teams 8 aside).