The Beaver Scout Colony

The Beaver Scout Colony is run by the Beaver Scout Leaders. All leaders are volunteers who give their time for free and receive special training for their role. The leaders are responsible for planning and running a programme of activities and games at Colony meetings and special events.

The current Beaver leaders are:

  • Group Scout Leader
  • Kath Bett – Beaver Scout Leader (Silver Fox)
  • Roy Abbots – Beaver Scout/Scout Leader (Froggy)
  • Geoff Potter – Beaver Scout Leader (Bronze Badger)

The Beaver Promise

I promise that I will do my best
To be kind and helpful
And to love God.

Colony meetings

Colony meetings are held every Tuesday night between 18.15 and 19.15 during school term time at the scout hut on Hearne Lane Hodnet (See the map on the main Scout page).

The Beavers work in small groups called Lodges.  The Lodges are identified by different seasons – we have Spring lodge, Summer lodge and Autumn lodge.

The Uniform

Beavers wear a practical smart uniform consisting of a blue polo shirt and blue sweatshirt, black or grey school trousers, and black shoes. Uniform is available online at

We recommend that you obtain a larger size polo shirt than you normally would to allow it to fit throughout your child’s career in Beavers.

Our Hodnet group neckerchief, which is yellow and green, is supplied by us, as well as all the badges your child will need.  The illustration sheet at the end of this booklet shows the positioning of the badges on the uniform.

We expect a high standard of appearance. Please encourage your child to take  pride in this.

The Awards and Badges

The Beaver Scout programme provides a balanced and exciting range of activities based on six zones. These are the Outdoor & Adventure Zone, the Fitness Zone, the Community Zone, the Creative Zone, the Beliefs and Attitudes Zone, and the Global Zone. There are many badges Beavers can earn through participation in these zones and through work at home.

The Six Challenges & The Chief Scout’s Bronze Award

There are six separate challenge badges a Beaver can earn, each having their own relevant choices of activity.

The Chief Scout’s Award runs through all sections of the movement.  This is the highest award in the Beaver Section.  To complete this award a Beaver must have completed the above six challenges.  If a Beaver Scout has not quite completed the requirements for the top award when they move on to the Cub Scout Pack, they may complete them in their first few weeks.

Activity Badges

There are 12 Activity Badges a Beaver can earn with a wide range of subjects available, each having their own laid down requirements. Some can be done within the Colony and some individually.

Staged Activity Badges

The Staged Activity Badges have been designed to provide a unified approach throughout the Sections.

All the Staged Activity Badges have 5 stages, except Nights Away – which has 12 and Hikes Away which has 6.  This means that a young person can gain whichever badge is appropriate to the level they have reached.  It is possible, for example, for a Beaver Scout who is an excellent swimmer to gain a higher level badge than a Cub Scout who has just taken up the activity.

The subjects are

The Beaver Scout Moving On Award

This award is intended to help a Beaver make a smooth transition into the Cub Pack