Hodnet to Marchamley footpath? Council seeks views.

This week the Parish Council are issuing a short questionnaire to households in the core areas of Marchamley and Hodnet, seeking their views on a possible new ‘permissive’ footpath between the two settlements.
Residents will be aware that the current roadside pavements between Hodnet and its neighbouring settlements of Marchamley and Wollerton are incomplete, making walking directly between them a hazardous experience .  This issue was raised in the Parish Plan, where one of the most positive responses was in relation to a question asking ‘would creation of a Hodnet to Marchamley (and Hodnet to Wollerton) pavement or footpath make walking easier/more enjoyable?
Having already investigated the possibility of new roadside pavements, the Council is aware that the high costs of building them (to meet regulations) coupled with a lack of suitable highway land rules out that option. However, working with the Hodnet Footpath Group, the Council is now looking at the possibility of creating new low cost ‘permissive’ paths over adjacent private land, i.e. paths built behind the roadside hedge.
Because of its shorter length and the need to only involve one landowner (who has indicated agreement in principle), the Marchamley to Hodnet project has been selected for initial consideration. The proposed path would run between the current Marchamley roadside pavement (at Eastlands) to join the existing Hodnet roadside pavement at ‘Sandybank’.
Before such a scheme can progress any further more detailed evidence of local support, and the expected type/frequency of use, is required; not least to assist in the necessary grant applications that would have to be sought to fund the work. A short questionnaire has therefore been drawn up and issued to households in those areas of the parish felt most likely to be able to use such a path.  
A good response to this questionnaire is key to moving this project forward, so if you have received one please take a few moments to complete and return it. If you live in Hodnet or Marchamley and haven’t received one by the the start of next week, please contact the Clerk to the Council – Mrs Maryjayne Rees Tel: 01630-685745 or email.