Cub Scouts

Welcome to the 2nd Hodnet Cub Pack

We are a very active part of the Tern Valley Scouting District. Our members are aged between 8 and 10½, and they take part and enjoy an active, exciting, fun, and adventurous programme of activities. We spend most weeks between Easter and late September ‘outside’. We take a break during the Summer holidays as many Cubs are on holiday. As a Pack we camp once every year for a weekend and we attend competitions at which pack awards can be obtained. These are often used as a basis of cub training.

There are always at least 2 leaders at every Cub Pack  meeting. All leaders are volunteers who give their time for free and receive special training for role. The Leaders are responsible for planning and running a programme of activities and games at Pack meetings and special events.

  • Group Scout Leader –
  • Cub Leader – Tim Comerford (King Louis)
  • Cub Leader – Adrian Vaughan (Boomer)
  • Cub Leader – Brice Bozier (Golden Eagle)

The Cub Promise

I promise that I will do my best
To do my duty to God and to the Queen
To help other people
And to keep the Cub Scout Law

The Cub Law

Cubs Scouts always do their best,
Think of others before themselves
And do a good turn every day.

Pack meetings

The pack meetings are held every Thursday night between 17.45 and 19.15 during school term time at the scout hut on Hearn Lane Hodnet (See map).  Leaders normally arrive a little earlier to prepare for the evening.


 The Cub uniform consists of:-

  •  Green Cub T-shirt and a Green Sweat shirt, for when it is colder, available from:
  • Black school shoes or trainers.
  • A Dark green and yellow neckerchief with woggle – to be supplied when invested.
  • Black (school) trousers are needed for formal events such as St George’s Day & Remembrance Sunday (notice will be given ahead of these dates.)
  • Cubs are asked to own a complete uniform.

What do we do?

Sixers and Seconders at Sixer/Seconder camp 31st March/1st April Where we visited places of worship in Birmingham, and the boys received their World Faith and My Faith Activity badges. Indoor camp at Priorslee Scout Hut for the night. Lots of fun!!!!

Sixers and Seconders at Sixer/Seconder camp 31st March/1st April. Where we visited places of worship in Birmingham, and the boys received their World Faith and My Faith Activity badges. Indoor camp at Priorslee Scout Hut for the night. Lots of fun!!!!


We always have one Pack camp every year just before the School Summer Holidays.  We spend a weekend away with the cubs from all around the district and normally include activities such as a wide variety of games, assault courses and activities themed around badges for the cubs to gain.

 Activities and Supervision

Part of the appeal of Scouting is the provision of adventurous activities whether they be canoeing, climbing or a walk around a campsite in the dark. The Scout Association has strict rules regulating these activities and when appropriate, trained instructors are used. As Cubs get older, they are encouraged to take a leadership role in the Cub Pack.  This is always done under the overall supervision of the Cub Leaders, again following nationally set guidelines. Generally, camps and events run for the whole Pack are organised by the leaders, with assistance from older Scouts when needed.  Information about activities is always circulated in a letter prior to the event. On all Cub events, a first aid kit is carried and at least one leader trained in first aid will be in attendance

The five stages of the Progressive Training Scheme in the Cubs Section are:-

Membership and Joining in Badges

Challenge badges

Activity Badges

Many of the badges available are activity badges, which allow Cub Scouts to show their progress in existing pursuits, but also to try all kinds of new things and form new interests.

Staged activity Badges

There are six activity badges staged across the sections.

This means that  you can gain whichever badge is appropriate to the level that you have reached. It is possible, for example, for a Beaver Scout who is an excellent swimmer to gain a higher level badge than a Scout who has just taken up the activity.

A young person should always wear only the highest of each staged badge type that they have gained on the uniform.

Partnership Awards

These awards encourage your Section to link up with another Section within your own Scout Group, a Section in another group, or another youth group or organisation, to work together on a project that will help other people.