The Bear – Update 24 April

The new landlord has been in touch with the web team again and provided us an update on progress towards reopening the Bear after they take over. Whilst they are not able to give a date yet for when it will reopen, they have told us which ales they will be offering at the opening.

  • St Austell Brewery, Tribute;
  • Joules Brewery, Pale Ale – will be the resident ale;
  • Salopian Brewery, Darwins Origin.

Other drinks:

  • San Miguel and Carlsberg lagers;
  • Stowford Press Cider;
  • Guiness;
  • Tetley’s Bitter.

We are still working on our wine list with our suppliers, needless to say it will offer a good selection of at least five reds and five whites as well as a selection of rose wines, Champagne and sweet sparkling wines.
Meetings have commenced with suppliers and we have now nominated Morris’ from the village as our butcher. They will be supplying us with most of our meats!

If you missed the original post about the new tenant’s  plans and vision for the pub you can read it here.