Our Fire Station is Still Under Threat

At the recent Local Joint Committee meeting it became clear that there remained a threat to the future of Hodnet Fire Station. Parish Cllr. Chris Mackie, who was at the meeting is concerned that local residents are unaware that there is still a real possibility that the station may be closed in the next round of money-saving cuts. He says,

Please  help save this vital Hodnet resource. You can find out more about the situation and the various things you can do to help on this page of the village website.
However, one simple thing you can do right now is to complete the Shropshire Council survey which is being used by the Council to inform their decision. If there are several people living at your house, get each person to complete it.”

Shaping your Fire Service for the future! – RESPOND NOW

The survey Chris mentioned is being carried out by Shropshire Council and is available on their website. The above link takes you to the About tab which outlines the reason for reviewing future provisions. The main one is ‘delivering more for less’ which is an expectation for all public sector services.
The Options tab lists the headline options for the future of the Shropshire Fire and Rescue Service. These are:

  • Close up to four ‘Low Risk’ fire stations
  • Remove a full-time fire engine from the Shrewsbury or Telford area
  • Merge our Fire Control function with Hereford and Worcester Fire and Rescue Service

Hodnet is considered a ‘Low Risk’ station – meaning it is a high risk of closure because it could be argued that there are other stations nearby. However, it is a vital resource to the community which surrounds it. You will find it helpful to read all three options. Once you have done so, the survey can be completed by clicking on the large green button found on this tab or the Comment on options one. The whole survey (all three sections) takes around 10 minutes to complete and it will be time well spent.
The Council does not say whether it is possible for those without internet access to complete the survey, but if you know local residents who would like to receive a paper copy, we suggest that you use the form on the Contact us tab to ask for one to be sent to them.
The closing date for the survey is 31st December 2013, but we ask you not to leave it until then. Remember, everyone can complete it. Responses are not limited to just one per household. The results of the survey will be considered at a meeting in February 2014. Click the image below to access the survey web page.

 Putting Shropshire's Safety First