A good walk had by all

Surprisingly lovely weather greeted those who turned up for the Hodnet Footpath Group walk to the Wollerton Wetlands last week.
The route traversed the new path from the village, which was deemed a hit with all those attending – which included a group from Stoke on Tern who had come from the Helshaw Grange direction to meet us, see photo below.

Meeting SOT Footpath Group 29th Dec 2013
Meeting SOT Footpath Group
Around 20 people walked the route that day and, as the weather improves and nature burst back into life, it will surely become a popular place for an evening stroll or longer trips out.
As it was, the day already felt quite ‘spring like’ as we crossed the bridge on the homeward leg, see below.
Crossing the River Tern bridge, 29th Dec 2013
Crossing the River Tern bridge
Details of the route can be found in one of the Footpath Groups latest leaflets, which are available here